Revision History -- The Christian ThinkTank (2000)

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Dec 28, 2000

         Added a small question on did the bible lie about Jesus not being married? (48k, dec12/2k) in the Hallway of Arguments

Dec 16, 2000

         Added a rambling letter to the Letters from the man behind the Curtain.

         Added some feedback letters to the Mailbag.

         Added some books

         Updated my prayer requests

         Added a few light bulb jokes

Nov 28, 2000


I am headed home (to Leland, MS) for a couple of weeks with my folks, but will hopefully be working on the "seeker" conclusion...I intend to write a personal update during the next few days, since so many of you dear folks 'worry' about me (smile)...I love and appreciate you all...more to follow...

Nov 15, 2000

         Added a question on “Why should we believe Jesus was the Messiah, if He didn’t fulfill all the prophecies when He was here?” (219K, Nov 15/2k) in the Hallway of Arguments

Nov 10, 2000

Oct 10, 2000

         Added a minor update/small pushback to How could a God of Love order the massacre/annihilation of the Canaanites? and made some major clarifications/modifications to Shouldn't the butchering of Amalekite children be considered war crimes?

Oct 5, 2000

         Just added a personal item for my Britt's tribute page... a MP4 video of one of Britt's college-class speeches (made a couple of months before she left us, and given by her to me as a present) might give you a little insight into why it hurts so much, and why I am so proud of her heart...

Sept 24, 2000

         I will never be the same after writing this piece...posted a long-winded, five-part response to a question on "if Christianity is true, why does it need so much defending? And why doesn't God make it clearer?" (too tired to index it tonight, will do so over the next week...and I may need to update other pieces on this subject)

         Also, I am doing much, much better, friends...thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and tenderness...

Sept 14, 2000

         I posted a reply to a troubled heart about being in heaven without loved ones, in the Mailbag section.

Sept 4, 2000

Aug 28, 2000

I added a number of (much) smaller pieces, many old email answers from a couple of years ago:

I also pre-announced a revision for my piece on the dating of Daniel (based on some excellent criticisms of the piece)...revision will probably be several weeks in coming (I still have some books on order for it).

Aug 22, 2000

         Added a few light bulb jokes (taking good-natured potshots at Richard Dawkins), some of which I wrote back when I did the Predation pieces, but never got around to posting.

[And I am doing much better, for those of you who prayed for me...]

Aug 12, 20

         Added a personal letter in the Letters from the man behind the curtain.

Aug 11, 2000

         Updated my prayer requests

         Added some more reader feedback (from the past year)

July 26, 2000

After 6 years, they are finally kicking me off my Shell account...(sniff, sniff)...I will have to now move "up" to more modern (read: "further away from the time periods I am interested in..."), my email will no longer be "" but now I will use my tank forwarding one--"")



okay, back to biz-work [SANs, NAS, SSP's, and da'future (non-apocalyptic, hopes some sysadmin I bet)...], and back to researching an update my Daniel piece...I have gotten some very insightful and stimulating criticisms of various points, over the last 3-4 months, so I look forward to interacting with those points and re-issuing the piece (hopefully within a few weeks)...

July 24, 2000

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