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Dec 22/2012

Nov 17/2012

OCt 26/2012

Oct 24/2012

Sept 25/2012

Sept 2/2012

Aug 21/2012

Aug 12/2012

Aug 10/2012

Finally added some sweet/insightful feedback letters to the Letters from Readers . Been a tough couple of months--and today was pretty bad--so these helped feed me, as I took a break and went through the inbox this past week ... thanks... and/but I am about half-way (maybe more) through a large article/series on the topic of 'was Jesus a failed apocalyptic prophet that the embarrassed church had to re-work into something different' kind of question... still have a month or so to go on it, probably...g

July 20/2012

Added a update to the Nap Clark bible teaching site, about his home-going to the Lord. He will be missed by many, for he loved and taught and led many.

Apr 15/2012

Added a small piece on the Why didn't God confirm the resurrection in a better way?
And a small piece on Two more contraditions in OT numbers?

Feb 20/2012

Added a piece on the history of intra-Muslim debate on God's unity, essence, and attributes

Jan 29/2012

Add a Letter to Readers -- my first in a long time (18 months from when i STARTED the letter...sigh) in Letters from the man behind the curtain.

Jan 4/2012

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