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On...the difference between Righteousness and Holiness

I did want to share with you where I ENDED up on the righteousness question, some 10 years ago (I have been meaning to write this up as a lesson, but just haven't found the time)... see below..


On Thu, 29 Jun 1995, XXX wrote:

I have come across any good thinking on righteousness yet. I am have this sense that it is different from morality. Described in terms of humility, patience that sort of thing, any how,,

up until 1980, I had always equated righteousness with holiness, but somehow it seemed bigger than that...and then I noticed for the first time the descriptions of the righteous in Prov and Psalms, for example:

Prov 12:10-- A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

This had to do with compassion (not justice, like holiness has in it)!...and then I started checked the word out throughout Holy Writ and came to the conclusion that it meant 'doing the right thing always'--sometime justice, sometimes mercy...

And, then...with compassion and joy associated with it, my righteous God burst into colors! I saw the warmth in that word 'righteousness' and it has changed my view of is still a 'warm and gentle morality' but the word 'morality' is MUCH, MUCH larger than simply 'justice'...

hope this is some value to your search...

in His love,


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