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...did the early Church believe in Reincarnation?

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I responded:


1. Reincarnation was taught by DECIDEDLY non-Christian groups (although it was a good bit different from 'modern' reincarnation.)

2. This non-Christian teaching was associated with radical Gnosticism, in which the body was a prison (and hence a punishment for former sins--a la karma?)

3. Reincarnation (and its related transmigration of souls) was rejected by ALL mainstream churches and church leaders in the 2nd century (400 years BEFORE that council of Constantx).

It is therefore incorrect to say that the "Christian Church" believed in reincarnation before 533 AD.

[Note: The Israelite OT/Tanaach community also rejected this: Cf Ps 78.39: :”Thus He remembered that they were but flesh, A wind/breath that passes and does not return.”]

hope this helps, glenn

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