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On...would common childbirth pain support evolution?

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> Here is a question that was posed to me by someone at work. It seems kind of simple, but I do no know a convincing answer. Here it is. Pain in child birth is one specifically mentioned result of Adam and Eve's sin. But why do animals experience birth pains? And aren't these kinds of similarities between humans and animals better explained by evolution? [Two points here:

1. The Gen 3 passage states that childbirth pains will 'INCREASE'--NOT 'come into existence'...therefore, pain in childbirth was there before the FALL...the effect of sin was to INCREASE it...[assuming, of course, the Genesis reference is to physical pain instead of something more like 'sorrow'.]

2. Similarities between humans and animals actually can be used as a piece of evidence for Intelligent Design...if a 'stomach' works, then why wouldn't the Creator 'use it again'? in other words, an EFFICIENT Creator would be EXPECTED to 'reuse' blueprints in various species...similarities could JUST AS EASILY point to a common creator, as it COULD point to a common evolutionary process...the issue of evolution vs. creation would need to be decided on OTHER grounds...

hope this helps...glenn 

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