Question: What about knowledge beyond us?

[Date: Dec/2005]

A got an epistemological question recently, from an old-and-brilliant friend:

What do you think about there being knowledge and understanding that God has and that the most brilliant among us are not even aware of and that the most brilliant arguments against God are, for that reason, like dung, stupid, insipid, etc.

I replied (slowly):

okay, coming up for air here--

let's see...hmmm...

About all I can do on this one is give some basic principles/constraints on the discussion and let you factor those into your thinking--as abjectly brilliant as you are, you will probably do a better job at working out the nexus of implications than I (and will certainly be able to do it more quickly!):

Well, I think I have obfuscated enough here (smile)... I have said a lot of (undoubtedly) “profound” things--all without answering/addressing your question directly (chuckle)...ah, the rush of power of the Filibuster... ["in the multitude of words there wanted not sin"...Prov 10.19]

I hope SOMETHING is useful in the above--

longing to join those at His feet now, g


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