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Aug 2000




Just a comment or two about your site-- It's great to find Christians who while being intellectual, can still stand  firm on the foundation of truth that is given us in God's word. I am reminded  of C. S. Lewis and how his thinking was changed from Atheistic to Christian.  His love of knowledge drew him to new questions, of which only God knew the  answers.

May our Lord be with you--

And again thanks for your words,


Just an awesome....simply wonderful collection of information for the thinking Christian....plenty of food for thought for the Christian personally , and in applications of witnessing to so many diverse Topics .I have sent....and will send Christians here....and any unbeliever or questioning/seeking soul .I dropped you a line before (from another e-mail address)....and after reading several papers...the last one "Is there Evidence for the soul "....I felt compelled to drop another line and just say "thanks" for what you are doing .

The scope of your site is incredible .....God Bless you...numbers 6:24-26  The Lord bless you, and keep you:

 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto you:The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.


Greetings Glenn:


I have read almost everything you have written and I appreciated your work more than you can imagine.  For myself I am pretty willing to accept God's word at face value without having to even explain it on a deeper level, I  think the biggest thing is that once you understand the character of God which is Love and you really understand love (which is Jesus given to us by God) even though at face value it looks like God is mean or bad sometimes, it really  is not that way.  What your web-site has done for  me is help me explain what I know in my heart to  be true to others.  I live in the Minneapolis, MN area and I would truly be honored if you could come to our city  sometime and do one of your one-day seminars, What a  blessing that would be.  I pray to our Lord that someday you will be able to do your research full-time and bless the family of God even more.

Thank You for all you work.


Hey Glenn,


I don't know if if you need any encouragement, but I want to encourage you. I've thoroughly enjoyed your website. I think it's the best apologetics-type information I've found anywhere. Hopefully I will have a chance to send others in your direction.


Mr. Miller,


I just found this website today and am very glad to have found something with depth.  Ive been trying to nourish my soul with some real 'meat' in my Christian studies but have been dissapointed with shallow Christian chat rooms and 'fluff' books at the Christian stores.  Also, it's been helpful for me to read about some of your struggles in life and I thank you for you honesty.  I was divorced two years ago and I am just now getting to the point where I can once again feel worthy enough to come to God and go to church again.  Well, actually its not my doing but all His.  So I have been learning from C.S. Lewis's books and hope to start going to church again.  I have had the Lord in my heart all this time but could not face Him I guess.  Now my soul thirst for His wisdom and knowledge.  Now I ask questions that I never did before.  I know that my faith is real because I lost it all, the Christian husband, the supportive church, and fellowship but still a little light has always !

been there in my heart for God and is now growing and I don't want to stop it again ever.  Well, sorry to talk so much.  Thank you again and may Yahweh bless you brother.


  I was recently told about this page by a friend of mine. And when I came here I liked it immediately.  About 2 years ago I left my home country of New Zealand and travelled the world a little.  At this point in my life I was extremely anti-Christian.  I ended up in Amsterdam and having very little money stayed at the cheapest place available - a Christian Youth Hostel called "The Shelter".  I ended up living in that hostel for several months and probably would have gained nothing from it were it not for a friend I met who worked there - a wonderful soul by the name of ABC.   We talked alot about the Christian faith and all my logical, reasoning arguments seemed to fall apart.  Being a logical, reasoning person, I found this rather difficult to cope with at first.  She gave me a couple of book to read, (incl. "Mere Christianity" by C.S.Lewis) and I devoured them as quickly as possible.  I would sit with my laptop and try to write arguments for points as I found them.  My arguments would always be made to seem worthless in the next paragraph or so.  This is what did it for me, I decided that if I can't logically disprove the existence of God, and there is sufficient logical evidence in favour of His existence and other facts from the bible, then I'd have two options - stop calling myself a logical, reasonable person, or call myself a Christian aswell.  The second seemed a better choice, so I took it.   I started writing a book which I'm calling "Christianity for the Extremely Logical" for I came to the conclusion that for other people like me to become interested enough in Christianity they'd have to be shown that it can be examined objectively and withstand logical attacks on it.



Hello Mr. Miller!

I'd just like to say thanks for the awesome web page.  This has great insight to things I've been wondering about, and it really helped me.  Thanks again, God bless!



   I should have written this thank-you a year ago, but I can be a terrible procrastinator (or just a terrible jerk?).  After this much time, it would probably be good to remind you of my questions, not to continue to discuss them, but so you'll know the context of this current message.  The first part of my message started off with: "My spiritual walk hasn't gone well. I still don't know where I am despite years of bible reading, following the sinners prayer in my heart, asking for forgiveness/salvation from/through Yeshua, asking..." You replied with: "Understanding "Faith," and "Believing" our Understanding..."


Then I raised some questions about Jesus' character based on things he said.  You replied with: "Was Jesus really fraudulent, dishonest, sacrilegious, and conspiratorial?"


   You put a lot of time and effort into your responses and I really appreciated it, although my lack of response may have left you thinking otherwise.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got your e-mail saying that you had "pulled rank with yourself" to answer me so quickly.  I immediately went to your web site to read the responses.  I dug in at first and carefully read about 7 pages.  Then I got antsy and started skipping and skimming.  Finally I saved it to disc and eventually to paper.  I was a bit intimidated by the volume of the response and the importance of the subject, so I kept putting off reading it 'til I was 'ready'.  It may have been more than a month later before I finally finished reading everything.   I thought  "Understanding "Faith," and "Believing"..." was excellent and very much to the point!  I had come up with a few of the same thoughts myself, and had had a vague sense of some of the others, but certainly hadn't thought of everything or even organized what thoughts I did have.  Thank you very much!




  Everything you've put on the net should be published in a book and become required reading in every Sunday school in the nation and in every Christian College. You and JP Holding are the best apologists on the web. You have helped me with every issue ever brought up by my intellectual skeptical New Age family members (though some are too stubborn to even listen) As well as defeating, all those atheist philosophers I had to read in College.  I pray your site stays up till the Lord returns.  You are helping me to arm my sons. I give you my heartfelt thanks.

(Sorry for the run on sentence)

God bless you!



P. S.  I don't expect you to respond to this, I know how much time it takes to do all this and I just want you to know that I'm absolutely amazed at how you manage to find time for it all and very grateful that you do.




Dear Glen, Thank you . I can't remember exactly when or how I found the site but I wanted you to know that over the last several months I have been there often for instruction and encouragement. I am 52 years old and grew up in the woodstock era with all that goes with that. I keep coming back to (mere Christianity) as the only thing offered up that is worthy of belief. Igo to my knees and to God and to Jesus only when I am in the foxhole so to speak. I Think I have been baptized 3 maybe 4 times (dumb huh?) I spoke in tounges once because it seemed to be very Important to the people I was with but It wasn't the Holy Spirit it was just me.  I find myself wanting deliverance, an exprience of some kind .You know a burning bush or something. Instead I am not what I think I want to be.I identify with the dog who keeps going back to his vomit. when I mentioned this to my quite wonderful sister she told mr it was better to be a live dog etc. Any way thankyou again someday soon I !

hope to pose some fascinating question or contribute something meaningful to the dialouge. Born Meridian Miss. rabid fan of country blues guitar and a Blue Blazer Regular



My dear brother,


I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our savior.  I am writing you to express my appreciation of your web-site.  I was directed to it with regard to an article concerning the documentary hypothesis.  After exploring the relevant articles, I continued to browse your site.  I read your personal story, a few things about women, and bits and pieces from other areas.


Glenn, brother, I wish to verbally communicate to you the intensity of my experience this evening browsing this site, although I must confess it seems an inadequate means for such expression.  I was filled with great joy and an overwhelming sense of confidence in my faith.  The reason this has special significance to me tonight is that my view of the Bible is currently being challenged by my studies at the University of XYZ.


I am an undergraduate philosophy student.  One of my courses is a survey of the "Quest for the Historical Jesus."  The material in this course poses numerous challenges to the historicity and authenticity of the Gospels.  A different course is one entitled "Imagining God: Theological Explorations in Literature."  It is in this class that I learned of the Documentary Hypothesis.


In sum, my views of both testaments of our Bible are being challenged.  It is invaluable to me to have brothers in Christ who share my passion for reasonable, scholarly inquiry into the Bible.  I am unafraid to question the origins of the Bible, or any aspect of it, because I am persuaded that it is true.  If it is true, it cannot be "defeated" by the most thoroghgoing examination and criticism.


Thanks for encouraging my faith,

Hello Glenn,


I am visiting your site from time to time and found it  every time most rewarding.  I am also recommending it to other searching souls....


I just wanted to say thank you for putting that much effort into it for the benefit of others.


For me, among others, reading your letter to a poor soul,                            where you replied to a reader who considered himself to be  living in sin and searching for a graceful God and where  you emphasized that the Lord is taking the burden from  us even without much that we can do to influence our  position towards HIM, was a very important impetus to confess to myself that I have found what I searched for  since years now. It made me courageous to dare the jump... necessary for faith...and I am happy that I have done it...


PS: Your recommendation of Kelly Clarks: Philosophers who believe was also appreciated. I found it a book worth reading.


Thanks again and God bless you,

No need to reply.  I just wanted to thank you for the wealth of information you have on Women in the Heart of God.  I am teaching a Bible study on the women who knew Jesus and your pages have been a great reference.  I know it took a lot of time to pull that information together so again I want to say THANKS!

Dear Glenn:

I just wanted to say that I really, really like your site - and I have a great deal of admiration for your hard work, integrity, honesty and earnest spirituality.  I find it very enlightening, strengthening and thought-provoking.  I don't always agree on every single point, of course, but I always have food for thought. I'm eagerly anticipating the conclusion to your piece on predation.  There's a book I can recommend, one that you probably have not heard of: It's called 'Process, Praxis, and Transcendence' by a fellow named James L. Marsh, a philosopher.  I recommend it particularly for one chapter (the only one I've carefully read so far, to tell the truth) in which he discusses the three 'masters of suspicion': Freud, Nietzche and Marx, and their critiques of religious belief and behavior.  He shows how some points they made are certainly valid, but that instead of destroying belief, they can be used to purify and strengthen it.  He also points out the very self-critical tradition the Bible itself contains, the OT prophets and of course Jesus.  This idea isn't new, I suppose but his consideration is very clear and rigorous. I can give you more publisher info and whatnot if you are interested.  Keep up the good work!

Mr. Miller,

Just wanted to commend you on a good, detailed, and  informative website.  Unfortunately, like most people I can only look at a computer screen for too long before I go cross eyed.  Ever thought of somehow conglomerating all this stuff in a book?  I think I'd consider buying it.


Dear Glenn,


Just wanted to drop you a note. The "Tank" has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me. Thanks and keep it up. Read your 10/10/1999 letter-- I will be praying for you.


Thank you for the beutiful essay on the Christian Think Tank homepage.  I, like you had the same beginnings in religion and presumably God led me to your page today - something I desperately needed and thank him for doing so.  I thought my "beliefs" instilled in me in much the same way as yours, were a product of my imagination and that this feeling of "guilt" was just me.  It is refreshing to read that someone half a world away has the same thoughts and went through the same things and I thank you for this

Mr. Miller,


Many thanks for all of the time, effort, wisdom and truth that you have put into your website. The ThinkTank has been invaluable to me, as I searched for answers about Christ.  I had intellectually accepted Christ, but had difficulty accepting God's love for me.  I would have been the first to admit that he loved EVERYONE on the planet, but not me.

Anyway, your page that detailed the basic doctrine and steps towards accepting Christ as my savior, truly helped me on my journey, and led me to the decision to take the "leap of faith". I did, and I am pleased to announce that now I am a Christian.

Thank you so very much, Mr. Miller.  Without you to turn to, I don't know what I would have done!  May God bless you!


A new Christian,








   My name is 123. I am currently a Senior in the ABC department at the University of XYZ. I want you to know how much I appreciate your web site and your understanding. I praise God for this resource. It is unfortunate that the Bible can no longer be used as a resource that holds its own in the eyes of academics. I am currently doing a research paper and presentation for a Classic Mythology class. I am currently refuting the idea that mythology whether Egyptian, Greek or otherwise is true, pertaining to creation. I know that God and his word are true but it has been nearly impossible to find historical as well as theological confirmation that endorses the innerrancy of scripture. I have searched everywhere across the internet for useful information but to no avail I've found nothing. I wanted the spirit to direct this paper, because without his direction this paper and presentation would not be effective, or at least as effective as it could be.

            I found myself on my knees, at the end of my rope, and still believing that he wanted me to continue in this manner. By the grace of God I came across your site filled with great theological and historically relavent information. Praise be to God.


            At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. 




     I cannot tell you how glad I was to happen upon your web page.  This is the best thing since RC Sprouls' Ligonier Ministries.       We live 60 miles from Washington, DC and would welcome entertaing the possibilities of a think tank gathering in this area.     tell me more.


Having recently discovered your site I find myself overwhelmed at the amount and scope of your material, thrilled by the even-handed,intelligent discussions and the resource they provide for disciples,  and regretful that you are not available for personal correspondences/dialogue!

Hi Glenn,


   Your site has been invaluable.  I am recommending  it to a 16 year old Aussie skeptic re: slavery and the "Jesus the Copy Cat".  The sites I am being recommended by this skeptic simply make skeptics look uninformed and even unwilling to look at Christian answers.




Glen, I don't know if you remember me @ the 3-28-00 Quantum-AT&T tech conference a few months back. Anyway I was one the guys from vendor XYZ. The long and short of this message is the attachment from my sister Kim. Take a minute and read her message and know I have been trying lead her to Jesus for over 7 years. This message from her is the first fruit I've seen and I wanted to thank and encourage you for the work you are doing.


Thank God for you

Thank You !!


Dear ABC, I wanted to thank you for all your help and patience with me.  I realize you

are going thru some stressful times with all the changes that you have made

recently.  But I also wanted to thank you for the Email you sent me

concerning Glenn Miller.  It was something that I needed to read, and better

yet, I understood it.  I printed it out and refer to it often.  In doing so

I find myself happier and (more settled ?) than I have been in a long time.

What I am looking for is a Bible that he speaks of that is not $60.00.  Also

something that I, without a huge grasp of vocabulary, can understand. Any



I find myself not swearing as much, not getting aggravated as often, and

realizing that I am so very blessed.  I am just starting out but I now have

a much more open mind.  I want to thank you for being my brother and

understanding that I needed more than high and mighty church stuff, but

needed in simple English what it is really all about.  Even writing this I

feel good.  What a difference.


Love you and Thank You..sis


just glanced at your latest post (jun03.00).  wow...


i am overwhelmed at the effort that you put into this site.  as impressive as your posts are, I don't think many people have any idea for how much brain-racking research and soul-searching go into all that you do via 'thinktank'.  not that you do any of this for personal glory or anything like that, but I get excited about thinking how God will honor you one day for all that you've done for the kingdom.  it's re-invigorating to know that he see's what's done in secret, that he know's the extent of the effort that we put into things.  bear that reality in mind as you press on and dig in for the kingdom's sake. 


this side of heaven, you will never know the # of lives that you touch, and the ways that your efforts have encouraged and inspired fellow believers.  i assure you, it's much more than you can imagine.  thank you immensely for all that you do and all that you are.



You tackle the toughest questions. Predation in nature, and your latest stuff on God going ahead with the plan...this work has just blown my mind...totally increased my faith...Your stuff on Jewish Mess. Expect., Typology, slavery in the OT, etc. was also all, all of your work is so desperately needed...


I originally found all of what I find MOST INTERESTING *now*, to be least interesting. I'm a new Christian, and as I get deeper and deeper into the faith, these complex issues/questions arise and almost always some/all of them are dealt with on your page. I remember scanning through your page and thinking to myself "Ugh...look at all this research wasted on stuff like predation in nature." Later, after some baby mice were abandoned by their mother (or she had been eaten) and left in my garage to die (I tried to feed them, prayed for them, etc. but it didn't prevent it-I know...sounds silly) that became one of the MAIN areas of discomfort for me, and your work was really refreshing spiritually. I'm not sure what you think of the Intelligent Design movement but work like your's in that piece is needed badly. I'm surprised you're the only one tackling it. I wish we had a million like you. You put SO MUCH effort into answering any/all questions that come your way, its just be!




                   Featured Site



        * Unravelling Wittgenstein's Net -

              A Christian Thinktank *



Now for something completely different! Site creator Glenn Miller (not the band leader!) likes to think about things. I mean rally think. We too often gloss over, ignore, or are just plain ignorant about the logic and philosophic assumptions underlying our questions and answers. This becomes especially critical when the topics are religion and beliefs.


Miller says, "This complex of pages represents one man's Christian journey through 20th-century Western thought. It contains his reflections on philosophy, on theology, on spirituality, on apologetics. These are not abstract opinions, but rather serious, committed, and honest attempts to confront the urgent and contemporary questions of skeptics, of believers, of himself, and of his God..." And it isn't all dry philosophical musings; Miller has a sly sense of humor which infuses his discussions.


He covers the Trinity, Women in the Bible, the Christian Worldview, the Process of God's Communication, the Making of the Old Testament, and much more. And it's not all 'academic': Miller ably recounts his own journey to belief in Christ. Miller recommends books (and gives us a peek at his own library) and gives an extensive collection of philosophical light bulb and other jokes. The site has a master index, a keyword search, and an objections index where a list of objections to Christianity are listed with links to Miller's reasoned responses.


The site is entirely text so printing out a page may make it easier to peruse.

Dear Glenn --

Just a Christmas greeting from one of your faceless friends in the Kingdom and on the internet; your writing and teaching have been a source of feeding and refreshment for this midwestern country parson...alongside of re-reading C.S. Lewis' writings, your sense of communicating the Good News has given me the boost I needed in this busy (not to say frantic!) season.....and in case you need any sort of uplift yourself at this time, please know I am praying for you and giving thanks for your ministry through the "Think-tank."  Even if my sermons and teaching were as good as your work, I can't listen to my own words in quite the same way:  but i'm strengthened and empowered by knowing there are those who pray for me daily and particularly when I preach and teach.  With you not having a "congregation", it occured to me that perhaps the best response I can give is to commit to doing that for you, brother, so know that I am (and it wouldn't surprise me that there are a number of othe!

rs who already are, but may not have said so --  consider me the tip of your prayer support iceberg!).

In Grace & Peace,


Hi Glenn,


I'm an infrequent lurker on your website.  Without going into my entire spiritual history and continuing journey, suffice it to say that I relate to a lot of what you say, the questions that you ask, the inherent difficulties we face just to believe, and your desire to pursue the living God in spite of it all.


I am grateful to have found your trail of wonderful information.


I had not visited the site for several months, and went back a few days ago.  I found a few more links that were interesting, and went back this morning to surf a bit more (as I procrastinate actually getting down to work this morning!).


I read the pages about your girl Britt.  I hope nobody comes over to my desk in the next 5 minutes, because it will de difficult to explain why I'm crying like this...


I share your sorrow (though obviously in a much smaller way compared to your own), and your hope that lives on that you will see her again.  I cannot pretend to understand fully, or say "I know how you feel", because I don't.  But I will pray that God will continue to make himself real to you, as you continue the journey of your own.

I stumbled on your web site as I was searching for an answer to who God is and what in the world is He up to.


God bless you. 


Sharing your work on this web site has had a profound and  very positive impact on me.


I've gone through a difficult year of tribulation and soul searching.  I'm coming out the other side firm in my faith. As the scriptures say in Eph, when the fiery darts of satan come at you, because you have put on the full armour of God, you  will stand. 


And here I am.  Life is turbulent.  But here I am standing.


We serve an awesome God.


thank you for sharing your faith in God with me.


I haven't seen this type of presentaion/effort before eg. open, honest, thoughtful effort to search the Truths of life and our Christian faith in an open and honest manner. I wish most churches had something of this in their educational programs. Tis one reason I don't go to church anymore as there is no room for such there. I guess we need to work on that more head and heart are usually somewhere else. Will be back. Thanks and may God's mercies be your's.



I can not tell you how grateful I am for this wonderful resource!!!  I just stumbled upon it while searching for information regarding angels and archangels (for a novel I am writing.) Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!  God bless you and yours!  I know I will be returning time and time again!!!! You are a fountain of knowlege and your words have that wonderful ring of truth that is so rare in this day and age!


Hello Glenn,


Your site was a delightful major discovery for me! I've spent the last week stopping by for more helpings whenever possible.


Joyous may not be a word often used to describe initial impressions of your work in the Think Tank, but it is the first which springs to my mind. I see the creativity of God coursing deeply through your writings, "...and it was good." So many of the issues addressed are those I've grappled with myself, or engaged with others regarding.


Mr. Miller,


I too have difficulty responding to email in a timely manner, but I do appreciate your response.  Hoping to immerse myself in the ThinkTank, now that I have access to the internet once again.  Thank you for pointing me towards the "What's Next?" section, I will try to use the methods of study that you recommend.  As a spiritual infant, I have spent countless hours devouring the Scriptures, more studying of God's Word than I have ever spent studying anything in my lifetime, and I see progress in my learning, and I can see God answering my questions, practically turning the Bible to the page that I need for me.  And this makes me smile.  Cheering you on in all of your endeavors, and very appreciative of all of your works. I receive much comfort in knowing that all Christians are learning, too.  There is so very much information in your ThinkTank that my only regret is that reading one stimulating argument that you mention, leads me skipping from topic to topic, back and forth, learning fragments of this and that and wishing there were more hours in the day to disect your website in an organized or thoughtful plan.  A half-hearted complaint, given in a teasing manner, honestly!  And it is especially joyous to know that God actively leads us to greater understanding, acting as our tutor, if you will, He guides us to the answers that we need and rejoices in our growth as students.  Glad to have you and your information to turn to on this quest.  I'll drop you a line in a few more months to let you know I am still here.  One of the silent masses who appreciates all that you have given to a fellow student.  May God bless you and your loved ones.


Dear Sir,


     I just wanted to express how thankfull I am for your work. I have been going through some deep problems recently and your Think-tank site has helped me a great deal. Through the years I have had major problems with doubt, and though I have been engrosed in Theological Research and apologetics I needed something more. I needed answers to the many questions that plagued me. And I needed help from someone who uses the Bible as the foundation, not just Psychology, human speculation, and everything else. Thank you. I deeply appreciate your work.


Hello Glenn,


I do not wish to bog you down with questions or concerns, but only wanted to say thanks for your site, and the information on it.


I recently came accross an interesting debate on one of the programming forums that I am on (at which was highly philosophic, and anti-god, anti-religious. Being a devout Christian and highly interested in science and philosohpy, I wanted to give a good reply to them.


Of coarse, their talk was over my head, so I decided to find more info on the subject at hand and after searching the Interent some, came to your site. Your thoughts are just what I need to get me going in the right direction.


Dear Glenn,

 I just wanted to thank you for this web site. I've been a Christian for 4 years and have been coming to this site for most of the time. It was because of this site that I started going to church. I'm one of those "bedroom" conversions you hear about. I did'nt have a home church and hadn't the foggiest how to find one. Somehow I landed on this site. What I read here convinced me I needed to go somewhere to learn more about this Christianity thing. Some of the things just plain made my brain hurt but they did get me serious about asking the Lord to lead me to a church. He did and I've been going there for 3 years now. I even get to teach 3rd-5th grade girls about Him on Wednesday nights.   Thank you for being here. What you have placed here has been of invaluable inspiration and encouragement to me and I'm sure countless others. I hope to meet you someday but if not here...


i love your page! it seems we are very like minded on a lot of your ideas.. I was wondering when you were going to add to your "life lessons" page.. a lot of the topics you have arent hyperlinked.. just wondering


Just thought I would tell you that this is an excellent website. I have been visiting it for a long time and I hope it remains here for many years to come.


Hey Glenn,


Just writing to let you know that your stuff on predation so far has been EXTREMELY helpful...When I really started to think about that issue  it troubled my faith severely...but after reading your stuff, that has  all changed.


Hi there Glenn!


I'm a 20 year old male from Singapore. I've just started attending church after drifting for 4+ years.


i was feeling sad because I brought up the topic of bible debate to some of my friends at church and they put it down almost as though it were some kind of problem -"have faith brother" - yeah but I believe that doubting and debate is healthy and that we were given reason for a reason - to discriminate between what is true and what is false. and when you become a Christian I think that the onus is on you to ensure that what you are believing is the truth, because Christianity is exclusive - or in the words of non-Christians is "bigoted and narrowminded". that was something that saddened me as well - how can i knowingly condemn the 5 billion ppl who are NOT Christians... everybody thinks that they are right and others are wrong. how can I have the arrogance to think that I am right and other people are wrong?


and so it comes that if you hear about Jesus you must make a choice. do you believe that he is the only "way, the truth and the life" or do you believe that he is not? and to make that choice with conviction I believe you'd better find out more about it. granted not all knowledge can come through reason and your five senses, but if my reason brings me to find some irresolvable contradictions in the faith, then I will have to say that it is a false teaching because of it's claim to exclusivity.


so I go home and I log on the net and I search for Christian apologetics. and i've been surfing feverishly for the past 2 days to find some answers. and i've learnt a lot of stuff and i've also learnt that my search is also gonna take me much longer than I thought - maybe years, maybe a lifetime. i've also learnt that no answers are definite... I cannot prove with 100% certainty anything to anybody. if that were the case then perhaps everyone would have to believe and there would be no free will? (though I think it's perfectly possible that ppl will still refuse to believe then, or be apathetic to the message)


what i believe now is that everyone has to come to terms with his or her own faith. if you've heard the story of Jesus then it's up to you to reject it or to believe it and to find out for yourself. and whatever decision you make, you will be responsible for it.


if you ask me now whether I believe Jesus died and was resurrected for our sins (the central tenet of Christianity) then I will have to say YES, but I cannot give you any coherent structure to my belief. and thus i'm a Christian but still seeking and still with many doubts. faith is not just blindly believing something, but the bridge of the gap between your limited knowledge and the truth. and this knowledge and wisdom is not purely mine but what i've learnt as well from my reading.


and that's why i'd really like to say thanks to you because your site and your opinions are really the most thorough and clarifying that i've seen. you approach your answers with a spirit of love and understanding and I feel that that's so lacking nowadays.


i'm glad that I've managed to find someone who understands the kind of problems I have with the faith without being condescending or judgemental.




Thanks for your page.

It's refreshing to have an intellectually stimulating  Christian look at things, especially with such personal openness


Thank you for posting this website.  I am a Bible-believing Christian who constantly struggles with the "intellectual" part of faith.  I am a mechanical engineer and soon-to-be lawyer, so rationality plays a part (though I confess not the only part) in my beliefs and conclusions.  Your work helps people like me to work through the issues which confront anyone who seeks to understand the fundamental nature of the universe (and therefore, God).  I believe that's what we are all supposed to be doing.  For example, I don't understand how anyone can blithely reject Daniel, when it alone contains enough information to confirm that God has does interact with human events.  In other words, I can understand how someone might reject it (and late date it) with weeping and despair, but not with a cold cockiness.



In general, I just wanted to thank you for your site. I'm putting together an apologetics site of my own - my philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for people to find answers to questions, and  to get as much info online as possible (going by the assumption  that two or more minds are better than one :-)  In doing this,  I've gone through a lot of supposed apologetics sites, most of  which are poorly done and/or have little or no content.  I have  yet to find anything that comes close to the amount of content  on your site, or that's as free from annoying graphics and banners  and all.  (Either I have high standards, or I'm very picky and  cranky, I'm not sure which. :-)  Anyway I wanted to thank you  for putting in all the work to build & maintain your site.

feedback=Hi Glenn,


Just came across your site recently (referenced from the Secular Web) and wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read such well thought-out material.  Finding your site was a bit like stumbling into a good friend in a brutal and dark cyber world.


It's also refreshing to see apologetics wedded with imagination and a great sense of humor -- something that seems rare on many apologetic sites --- as if the task of apologetics requires drab clothing and a glum face.


As Alister McGrath points out in "Intellectuals Don't Need God and Other Myths" -- it is not enough to simply demonstrate the propositional truth of Christianity, rather we must demonstrate how it is personally relevant to each person where he is at.  Besides, simply showing a person a map of how to get to DisneyLand will not make him WANT to go there.  Rather, if we could tell the person how exciting the place actually is -- why it's the "greatest place on earth" -- then they might be inspired to discover it for themselves.


That's what makes C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesteron such a pleasure to read --- they actually "show" us the joy of Christianity, stirring the imagination as well as the intellect.


Keep up the great work!



Your web site is

a blessing, and I use it a lot. The feedback you receive probably represents  only a REALLY small percentage of what the site is actually accomplishing.



I wanted to repeat my praise and thanks for this web site. I am always truly amazed at how MUCH solid information is available here. I often find myself in discussions with non-believers and this has proven to be a fantastic resource to draw from. Every time I visit this site, I have a little fear that any day now you'll just pack up shop and be gone. I hope and pray that you stick around for a long time.


May our Lord of peace shine His face upon you.


Under the Mercy,


After spending hours (more than I care to admit to) at your site reading and researching various subjects, I have come to trust your thoroughness, your motives and your objectivity.


I especially appreciate the detail.  You leave no stone unturned, no closet unopened.  You document your sources and you give sources of those who oppose you.  What accountability in a  day and age of sloppy and half-hearted workmanship.


Your passion and zeal for God's Word and acurracy comes through loud and clear!!  Praise God!!!  Amen??  Amen!!


Again, I praise God for your work, your dedication, your passion for His Word.


dear mr miller

   my name is XYZ, and I would just like to say thank you, thank you for helping a confused person gain a little bit of uderstanding,

                             thank you XYZ

from me to you may god bless you day and nite,



Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site.  I've grown up in a Christian family, gone to a Christian school, etc., but have started seriously doubting my faith (not that I haven't had doubts for many years... I've always been extremely analytical, etc.)  Your site has been quite valuable... I can't think of anything that could have helped me more in the last couple of weeks.




This is a very impressive site, though I haven't time to read in detail.  Like others I've been drawn in by LW's name -- I see LW as a profound commentator on the "grammar" of reality whose work is ultimately Christian religious in import and character.  He knows that logic is God's aspect for our minds, cognate with the Logos, and incapable of being put in an envelope of meaning by secular philosophers. used He has, however, been posthumously appropriated by Atheists' Inc., and a travesty committed by making him, for many, the prognitor of postmodern "nothing is true, everything is permitted".  "An honest religious thinker is like a tightrope walker", LW said -- you seem to be one.  God bless and good luck.


I also am consistently fascinated with your commitment to the scriptures, and to their defense in a highly evidential fashion, but at the same time, a clear commitment to the spiritual aspect of your ministry....In other words, I can "see Jesus" in your approach.  I never cease to be refreshed by the nearly total lack of the all-to-common resort to pitting Calvinsts vs. Arminians, Evidentialists vs. Presuppositionalists, atheists vs. theists....You DO address these issues, but you don't beat them to death.  I appreciate that.  Where the rubber meets the road is have we loved our neighbor as ourself? ;  have we seen to the needs of the fatherless and the widow? ; have we kept ourselves unspotted from the world...?  (strike three on ME!) Thank God for His grace.  Without it, I'd be less than history.  I thank God for the Tank.  It's a source of constant inspiration.  Your site helps me keep loving God with my mind, (which is almost a temptation with me), but also encourages me to love Him with my soul, and with my strength and heart as well.  Keep up the great work, Glenn.


Hello Glenn,


I would like to comment your answer to the question: "shouldn't the butchering of the Amalekite children  be considered war crimes?"


There are difficult (like this one), but also easy  questions (like some ridiculous "contradiction").  Your answer (which was added 19.2.2000) was,  with one word, great. Excellent work! You saved my day.


Your site is a virtual library that every believer should have at hand! God bless you my friend for your mind! All kavod  (glory) goes to God! I thought I was going to "drop" some knowledge on you, in regard to the rooster in Jerusalem thing, but I'll watch my mouth from now on! LOL! =-#


I justed wanted to email you and say thank-you for maintaining


It will take me quite a while to go through all of it :-) But from what I have read,it is a warm, inviting place to meet and consider Christ. My wife has been through some troubles in her life, and has somewhat fallen away from God. But some day, I hope to be able to remind her that God is still waiting with love for her. Your pages will help me greatly in that.




Um, this is ackward. I write far too many emails every day... at work, on various mailing lists, to family and friends. Well, I write less, and read more. Anyway, I've recently grown 'sick' of online conversation. Communication through technology is fine, but I think in this information age we too often confuse communication and conversation. I doubt I could adequately differentiate the two at this point. But conversation somehow dissolves into mere communication, intimacy is lost... therefore, it's hard for me to just toss out a 'thank you' for pouring part of your life into the Tank. ('Part' -- once again, the language of segmentation! <exasperated>) When I was a polarized cerebral Christian, the Tank helped keep me afloat. And as my compass begins to straighten out, I continue to come back, appreciating the material here even more, though I've hardly touched the majority of it.


So, thanks for worshipping God through your research.


Mr Miller...

    Just a short note to tell you that your site was a Godsend to me.  I am a 27-yr-old "intellectual" computer programmer with no religious background (very much like you described yourself at around my age).  I have been struggling to move away from the lazy-man's agnosticism that has become so dissatisfying to me in the past few years, but trying to "find God" from scratch has been a long climb.  Reading about your struggles with the same process I'm currently just beginning has encouraged and energized me at a time when I really needed it -- I am still a long way from where I want to be (roughly where you are now :) but the light at the end of the tunnel seems a lot brighter now.  In fact, I wanted to let you know that I had been contemplating becoming a Christian for a little while, but had not committed to it for many of the reasons that I'm sure you can imagine -- after reading your background page, I decided to make that committment.  I know you don't have time to respond -- I just want to let you know that your site has made a huge difference in at least my life, and I truly appreciate it.  Please keep up the great work.






Simply an awesome Bless you

Re:  Your piece in the Christian Think-Tank which starts off "To the person who just picked this up... "


It's very good.  Thanks for carrying light to the village.


precision on the epistemic bubble, thanks so much for being the only one I've ever heard admit there frustration with words. Although I have never been able to quite explain it as well. I have experienced some of the same. There was a very unique insight to your discovery that I honestly found hard to hang with at times (to my embarressment) and frankliy left some on the table but none the less was able to glean the gest of it.Very Very thought provocking.I am sure I'll read it again and still more.

Could not help thinking Of Dallas Willard Book the Spirit of the Disciplines where he says "When God made us he made creatures capable of astonishing presuumption.We humans can almost forget that we are dust. Prehaps we must in some measure forget it in order to carry on. Yet, as we breathe and eat and sleep,we also think and aspire-and that is amazing. In that paradox, that puzzle in which the pieces do not truly fit together. We can either applaud ourselves for such a rare and amazing accomplishment or we can begin to understand that we are touched by powers beyond ourselves". He also says "We are a little less than a god only because our life is of such a nature it can draw upon the infinite resourses of God.

No wonder why words cannot contain us or our experiences. To do so would seem to be able to define eternity I suppose.

Thanks for all the hard work.You captured and expressed something I could never put to words and gave me plenty to consider.

A bottle of wine and you have made for one good Friday afternoon. I shall celebrate your uniqueness and thank God.



I have read some of your writing on women in the church(I'll finish reading it eventually-lots there to digest).  Your view is really comforting and I'm glad you chose to put it on the web.  There's alot of silliness regarding women in the church.  But, it is just my personal opinion that women really shouldn't be pastors.  It just doesn't seem right to me.  I was thinking that maybe women were leaders of house churches during Biblical times because there may have been a shortage of mature male converts to do the job since the church was just beginning to be established.  That's just a thought I had, I'm not a theologian or anything.  Anyway, after reading your interpretation of the "sit down and shut up" verses, I find that I feel even more confident of the Bible's infallibility.  It seems that we just mis-interpret things sometimes so the problem lies with us, not the Bible.  You've done a good work by putting your thoughts on the Net.  I look forward to reading through the rest of your site.  God bless you. 

Dear Glenn,

About 8 years ago I walked away from the Christian faith and put my trust in science.  I beleived that Christianity could only be adopted with heart and not head.  Science did not fill the void I felt in my spirit.  Last year I searched anew for truth.  Your site and others demonstrated to me how well the Christion faith hold up to scrutiny.  Jesus Christ is now the Lord of my heart and my mind.  Thank you for your work.  I especially liked your coverage of "How could a God of Love order the massacre/annihilation of the Canaanites?"  Love in Christ......


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