Christian Distinctives--

Women in the Heart of God

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  1. Introduction

  2. Overview--A Survey of Misconceptions, Objections, Pushbacks

  3. Women in the Old Testament

    1. The Pre-Monarchy Period (Gen - 1st Samuel 7)

      1. The historical data in the narratives;

      2. The legal data from the Law of Moses;

      3. The literary data of the biblical text itself.

    2. The United Monarchy (I Sam 8-I kgs 12; "Leisure Lit")

      1. The historical data in the narratives;

      2. The literary data in the narrative literature;

      3. The "portrayal" data in the "leisure" literature.

    3. The Divided Monarchy

      1. The data in the historical narratives ;

      2. The data in the prophetic literature .

    4. The Exilic/Post-Exilic Community

  4. Women in The NT and Early Church

    1. In the life and ministry of Jesus

    2. In the historical literature of the Apostolic circle.

    3. Women's roles in the early church.

    4. Paul and Women.

  5. Concluding Remarks

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