Urgent prayer request for my daughter

Tuesday 10th, 8pm...the second EEG was flatline with no noise; brain stem test procedure indicated no activity; legal death dated to this day...her heart stopped beating Wednesday night shortly after 10pm.

Britt is with the Living and Loving Lord, celebrating in wonderment the beauties of His heart, His hands, and His works..."This day you will be with me in paradise" (Luke 23.43)..."In Thy presence is fulness of joy; In Thy right hand there are pleasures forever" (Ps 16.11)...He delighted in her homecoming and welcomed her--"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." (Ps 116.15)

Though we grieve (amidst a supernatural peace that undergirds my family at this time), we do NOT grieve as those who have no hope (I Thess 4.13), for we will join her in His future...
Many lessons learned, many changes made upon us, miracles of comfort abounded...the goodness of His heart and tenderness of His care was so obvious to my family, in the midst of anguish, despair, and sorrow...

Thank you for your prayers these past few days, and for your continued prayers for the family over the next week of final arrangements and adjustments...

Monday 9th, midnite...the EEG was a flatline (with minor, low-level muscular noise), will re-run in the early morning.
Update, Monday 9th,  5.30pm...

1. She went deeper into a coma last night. Not responding to light or touch on eyes

2. Her brain stem is not functioning much/well (she is only breathing because of the respirator, and her blood pressure is being controlled by medicine)

3. She is not responding to 'regular brain' stimuli--no response to strong light or touch to eyes.

4. One of her doctors told us that significant damage had occurred to the brain stem, and to the 'higher' brain as well, but it was too early to determine the higher brain damage level.

5. The neurologist tried a new treatment this morning, and her blood pressure and breathing seemed slightly improved.

6. They did an EEG as I was leaving there today, and her mom will get an update sometime tonight presumably.

7. We continue constant in-room conversation/stimulation (she is still in Intensive Care). Although her mom and I do most of the 'staffing' of the room, we have support and breaks provided by britt's brother and sister, as well as from my younger brothers (who flew out to help).

thanks for your prayers...


Friday night, April 7th,


This is a request for urgent prayer for my daughter, who is in critical condition in the hospital as I write this.

I am in a hotel somewhere in Memphis.

Thursday nite around midnite I picked up my daughter Britt (21) from her student housing in San Fransicso and brought her home to San Jose for the week. The following morning, I boarded a plane for a week vacation with my parents in Mississippi, and during the 6+ hours of air travel, my daughter was rushed to the emergency room for acute Meningitis. She lapsed into unconsciousness almost immediately and has been that way since.

She is on a breathing machine and blood pressure assistance, since the swelling in her brain is impacting her natural systems.

When I got off the plane in memphis, an urgent voicemail told me to call the doctor, who explained to me that she only had a 50/50 chance of living, her condition was so critical. All the return flights home had left, and I was stuck here, to wait for a first flight out in a few hours.

Please pray for her, her medical caregivers, her family [me, her mom, her older sister, and her younger brother], and God's perfect will. I don't know the time elements involved with this type of Meningitis (bacterial), so I don't know how big or small this window is.

Needless to say, it hurts.

I will keep you updated as things change...thanks for your help over the years, all of your love for me and for our precious, good-hearted God,


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