Question: was Jesus of Alien parentage?

[Date: Dec/2005]

Someone was bothered by an accusation about Jesus' 'parentage':

Recently, there have been a lot of accusations flying around suggesting that Jesus wasn't actually a divine messenger of God, but an artificially inseminated alien (which would account for his ability to perform miracles and communicate with God).

The idea is scary to me, but makes a certain amount of sense. When I look at the Bible and its implications from the point of view of extraterrestrials, it seems to make sense.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on this, and if you don't feel like addressing it on your site, please respond to me - Any help is greatly appreciated.


BBB, age 17

I replied:

Thanks for the question BBB, I remember being torn up about that issue myself when I was 20yo as a new believer... Maybe I can do something on it later on the Tank...

But for now--and this is a GENERAL procedure for ANY such questions--ask (nay, 'demand') of the 'accusers':

  1. Hard scientific/historical evidence (not speculation) of the existence of ANY EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE (we have none today, in spite of our best scientific programs and SETI-like programs)

  2. Hard scientific/historical evidence (not speculation) that any such ET's were sentient, more advanced than we, and could do Jesus-class miracles

  3. Hard scientific/historical evidence (not speculation) that any such ET's could breed cross-species with humans (no other species of life as we know it can do this)

  4. Hard scientific/historical evidence (not speculation) that any such ET's were HISTORICALLY ACTIVE in Judea at the time of the conception of Jesus

  5. Hard scientific/historical evidence (not speculation) that any such ET's were ACTUALLY INVOLVED in the case of Jesus

Important note: Probabilities are NOT 'hard evidence'. Just to say something like: “With so many possible worlds, and so much time, SURELY the probabilities are good that such Alien life DOES EXIST somewhere in the universe” means nothing, evidentially. That is not 'data' or 'evidence' in favor of the speculation. Data/evidence is an 'audit trail' of an “already-happened reality”--not the possibility of that reality occurring!

This will kill the theory dead in its tracks--it is easier to give evidence for the TRADITIONAL STORY (i.e., existence of God, biblical story, etc) than for such an elaborate sci-fi theory!

In addition, the theorists would need:
  1. Compelling explanation why Jesus misled us, his closest followers, his enemies about this
  2. Compelling explanation why Jesus WAS EVEN PICKED by the aliens, in such a backwater country, despised people, ridiculous time (how smart could they REALLY be, then???
  3. Compelling explanation why no subsequent alien or alien-spokesperson explained these events IN THIS WAY
  4. Compelling explanation as to why they didn’t TRY again
  5. Compelling explanation as to why the APOSTLES and many early CHRISTIANS did the SAME types of miracles Jesus did!! (were THEY all aliens too?)

Anyway, I have to stop now--I am getting too 'worked up' (LOL)!

You can see the problem with such speculation--
  1. They have NO REAL EVIDENCE (only speculations),

  2. MUCH of the EVIDENCE that DOES exist generally contradicts their theory, and

  3. Their theory is not the simplest/best explanation (law of parsimony--the simplest theory is most like the true one) of the DATA that MIGHT could be explained by their speculation (e.g. miracles). But this is also a 'conspiracy theory', in that it assumes that (certainly) the aliens, (probably) Jesus, and (possibly) the disciples KNEW BETTER THAN WHAT THEY TOLD US--but lied to us anyway... Conspiracy theories take EXTRA EVIDENCE to prove (to the court) that the 'defendants' KNEW BETTER (which we have NO data for, in this case) but LIED ANYWAY...

Does this make sense? Do you see how such folks need to be held 'accountable' to the data, and that without hard data to support their theory, they cannot be taken seriously? The burden of proof is on them--without hard, historical, scientific evidence, they need to be quiet until they find something.

I remember being torn up by COUNTLESS such wild-guess, sci-fi, 'whatever' kinds of theories as a young man--until a hard-minded philosopher/scientist Christian guy once told me to BELIEVE NOTHING WITHOUT SOME REAL DATA! Ask for Data FIRST, before you even THINK about wasting time EVALUATING a theory! "Test all things...hold on to the good"

Make any sense? Does this help any, bbb?


Glenn miller

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