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Random, Personal Stuff...

Glenn M. Miller, committed evangelical disciple of Jesus Christ for the last40 years of my life,  research/writer/speaker, IT business executive, father of three gifted, delightful, over-stimulated, people--all seeking, questioning, open-minded, authentic people [one lives in heaven, and two live in Colorado]. Amateur philosopher, theologian, mild Mojito-er, extreme empathetic, serious but passionate about the deep issues of life/existence.

Favorite joke: "Did you hear the one about the X (fill in your own membership ethnic group/school affiliation/occupation) who said he would give his right arm to be ambidextrous?" (I also laugh a lot in my minscule spare time.)

Job: I am a researcher/writer/consultant/speaker (on senior IT executive issues and technology finance issues) for Huntington Technology Finance.

Favorite music genres (but I only listen to music less than an hour a week-I cannot think and listen at the same time, and I think-in-place a lot): Ambient (e.g., Torch Song, William Orbit, Binary Park), hard blues (howlin wolf, stevie ray vaughn, old Hendrix/Clapton blues licks etc.), new age ethereal jazz (Atmospheres, Ciani--the Velocity of Love makes me think about dancing around His throne), other jazz-related (Koop, Martina-Topley Bird, Zero7, Norah Jones, Frou Frou, Cassandra Wilson, Eden Brent). Stronger, darker secular artists I like are Kidney Thieves, Recoil, BucketHead, QueenAdreena and Crow/Resident Evil/Underworld soundtracks. Also, I have fallen into heart-step with a couple of deep-reaching grace-dances: River God (Nicole Nordeman), I Believe in You (Joy Williams), Hide My Soul (Avalon), After All-Rayford's Song (Bob Carlisle). I like the former Christian rock band GSmegaphone (especially "Out of my Mind" And, of course, Iona's "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" always makes me 'shut up and sit down and cover my mouth'... and Jonathan Elias' The Prayer Cycle: Movement V - Grace reduces me to a weeping, worshiping mass of grace-melted heart-shards. The song that is my life-prayer and creates unavoidable worship experiences for me (smile) is Be Thou My Vision-- i cannot even type that without misting up...

Avocation: Aggressive Christian service--individual and social . I try to help people find answers to tough questions that shred their souls. It's a peace-maker role sorta.

Favorite movies: Chariots of Fire, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (forgive me, Chiun, I didnt pick the title!), All that Jazz, Quest for the Holy Grail, Kung Fu Hustle, MirrorMask, Polish Vampire in Burbank, Buckaroo Bonzai, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Groundhog Day, The Professional, Wolf, Enchanted, most spoofs/Christopher Guest mockumentaries, Kung Fu movies with the impossible, gravity-defying moves; serious anime (e.g., Blood the Last Vampire, Samurai Champloo, Akira, Vampire Hunter D2000, Cowboy BeBop), Predator/Terminator movies, and all vampire/werewolf flix.

Past/current Memberships: Philosophy of Science Association, Society of Biblical Literature, Evangelical Philosophical Society and Evangelical Theological Society, ISPE. . Always learning, growing, challenging my assumptions. I keep current memberships in SCF, EPS and ETS.

Favorite reading material: Besides the technical journals in philosophy and theology, I read the 'popular stuff' on particle physics, mathematics, social psychology, and cosmogony. Between work projects and tank projects (when all the brain cells have gone camping for R&R), I read vampire, werewolf, and The Destroyer series paperbacks--I have probably read well over 400-500 of these in recent years (including ALL the 170+ Destroyer series). [I actually wrote a plot outline for a v-book and w-book, "illustrating" aspects of a Christian anthropology, but I don't have the writing skills/time/imagination to develop them--so far.] Formative works? the L'Abri works, The Singer Trilogy, The Beggar King, Lewis, Tolkien...I will never forget the servant heart of Samwise, who a hero himself, begged Elrond to be able to serve his master Frodo at the table at Rivendell...would we all had hearts in tune with Philippians 2.5-11...

Education: BS, MS in Computer Science // BA, ThM in theology // one year+ toward a Ph.D. in philosophy (never to finish).

Main Research interests: Biblical/ANE intertextuality, Pseudepigrapha, theological method, the suffering of God, writing/literature in the ANE.

Ministries I pray for (and support when I have some discretionary shekels):

[I get to pray for tons more, but generally don't get to give to any more than the above few...sigh]

A couple more, special to my heart, are:

Recreational interests: tennis (rotor-cuff killed that), hiking (knees killed that), pop-up books, reading (but all I do with my discretionary time is the ThinkTank, and dabble in music making can overcome lack of talent/smile... I use Avid's Protools, Propellerhead's Reason/Record, FL Studio, and most of the tools from IK Multimedia, Native Instruments, Antares, Korg, EastWest, SpectraSonics, etc....but havent been able to do anything with them (except pay for in 5 years

The Business Backgrounder...

Glenn Miller | Chief Technology Officer, Research and Strategy Services

Glenn has over 40 years of experience in the technology industry. His background includes research, teaching, consulting, and executive management, as well as extensive experience in assessing and planning IT directions with clients. Glenn leads the Research and Strategy Services function for Huntington Technology Finance, and brings the unique perspective of an executive who has served in both CFO and CIO roles in client organizations, and he has held executive positions in the IT outsourcing industry. Before joining Huntington Technology Finance, Glenn owned his own consulting company and has held executive level IT and finance positions at such organizations as GATX Technology, Accelero Solutions, Entex Information Services, JWP, and Businessland. Glenn travels extensively, advising executives on trends and issues in IT management, technology, and finance. He is also well published and has conducted presentations to major audiences worldwide. Glenn received an M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science from Mississippi State University.

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