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Seq H.Seq Title Mt Mr Lk TOT   Urgency/Interim Ethic?   Urgency/Interim Ethic?   Urgency/Interim Ethic?   Urgency/Interim Ethic?    
6 122 Confession at Caesarea Philippi and first prediction of the passion Y Y Y 3   (church order); do not tell   do not tell   do not tell   3   Mt adds future church; future keys to KOH
12 45 Healing of a leper Y Y Y 3   say nothing to anyone   say nothing to anyone   tell no one   3    
38 215 The coming of persecution Y Y Y 3   endure to the end   donít prepare speeches?   don't prepare speeches   3   MT adds END, places AFTER univeral gospel; LK omits universal gospel and timing
47 189 The Rich young man Y Y Y 3   sell all/treasures/follow   sell all/treasures/follow   sell all/treasures/follow   3   MR has no thrones; LK AGE2COME = MT RENEWAL OF ALL THINGS; all have same ethic; ALL2 have EL!
48 109,58 The sending out of the 12 Y Y Y 3   take no bag   no bag   no bag   3   MT/LK add K-ref; MT specifies Israel only and KOH HAS COME NEAR
5 123 Conditions of discipleship Y Y Y 3   save/lose life? (John12.25)   save/lose   save/lose   3   Lk, Mr have 'shame in this gen'; all have NOT TASTE DEATH
42 93 The interpretation of the parable of the sower Y Y Y 3   cares of world?   cares of world?   cares of world?   3   MR has no K-ref; MT adds it, and makes it present
77 27,75 Love of one's enemies: SOTM/SOTP Y   Y 2   give, lend       give, lend   2   MT has future rewards
10 106,51 Gadarene/Gerasene demoniac(s) Y Y Y 3       return to your home   return to your home   2   Only MT has "Torment before Time"
17 107,55 Jairus daughter/womans faith Y Y Y 3       no one should know   tell no one what happened   2    
59 62,171 Cost of Discipleship Y   Y 2   love family more than Me; take up Cross       hate father/mother/life; carry cross; give up all your possessions   2   LK/MT: Jesus over family
80 135,179 On forgiveness Y   Y 2   forgiveness in church       keep forgiving   2   MT has CHURCH; LK has anyone
82 131 On temptations Y Y   2   cut off foot/eye?   cut off foot/eye?       2   MR equates KOG with LIFE; MT omits KOG; both have HELL
91 125 the Coming of Elijah Y Y   2   tell no one   tell no one       2   Elijah both already come, and still coming
96 115 What defiles a person Y Y   2   anti-Korban   anti-Korban       2   Jesus rejects Korban (asserts family responsibilities)
100 226,158 The faithful and wise slave Y   Y 2   give other servants food at proper time       be ready for return; live as if no delay   2   MT and LK both have 'master delayed'; unexpected hour
103 49,138 Would-be followers of Jesus Y   Y 2   let dead bury dead       let dead bury dead; say farewell--plow image   2   Lk adds PLOW image (Elisha); asserts His priority
19 210 Jesus denounces scribes and pharisees Y Y Y 3   tithe mint/rue       tithe mint/rue   2   Mt has HELL; lock out of K; blood on thisgen; LK expands PROPHETS to ALL
79 32, 35,157 On anxiety/treasures Y   Y 2   donít worry about your life       don't worry about your life   2   LK adds that Father gives the K; treasures in heaven motive
138 34 On Serving two masters Y   Y 2   cannot serve God/wealth       cannot serve God/wealth   2   Cannot serve God and wealth?
192 225, 158 The Watchful house owner Y   Y 2   be ready--SoM coming at unexpected hour       be ready--SoM coming at unexpected hour   2   MT: watchfulness/UNK theme
70 71 Jesus heals the multitudes Y Y   2   not make Him known   not make Him known       2   Justice before Judgment (from Isaiah quote)
32 207 Question about the Resurrection Y Y Y 3           marriage for this age   1   resurrection future; no mention of K; only LK has 'in that age and in the Resurrection'
66 117 Healing of many sick/ and deaf-mute (Y) Y   2       tell no one       1    
106 121 Blind Man of Bethsaida   Y   1   donít even go back into the village           1    
109 BB Commissioning of Disciples Y     1   make disciples           1   MT: worldwide discipleship; 'presence to end of age'
122 223 Luke's ending to the discourse     Y 1           be on guard less hearts dulled by worries etc: pray that you have strength to escape all these things and to stand before the SoM   1   LK: Universal distress (not just Jews); watchfulness; stand before SoM
123 145 Martha and Mary     Y 1           Martha/distractions, better part   1    
125 222 Necessity of Watchfulness   Y   1       keep alert/awake throughout the night       1   MR: watchfulness theme (but all events happen at night)
127 28 On almsgiving Y     1   whenever you give alms           1   (standard Rewards/Punishment theme); but "Whenever you give alms" (i.e. you didnít give them all away when you first became a disciple)
128 22 On anger Y     1   gift at the altar           1   (standard Rewards/Punishment theme); but you still have possessions for 'gifts at the altar'
130 24 On Divorce Y     1   people marry/divorce           1    
133 29 On prayer Y     1   go into your room           1   Father will reward you? (MT); but you still have a room to go into?
135 134 On reproving another believer Y     1   (church discipline)           1   MT: church discipline; invisible presence of Christ (like the Great Commission); Lk's version omits church order
148 156 Parable of the rich fool     Y 1           watch out for greed; be rich toward God   1   LK: be rich toward God (ambiguous ref)
151 227 Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids Y     1   keep awake           1   Time UNK; watchfulness
158 101 Parables of the hidden treasure and pearl Y     1   sells everything to buy it?           1   ambiguous
166 139 Sending of the 70     Y 1           no bag   1   LK:Same 'more tolerable at Judgment' theme as elsewhere
170 169 Teaching on humility     Y 1           when you give a banquet   1   Rewards at the resurrection
177 182 The healing of ten lepers     Y 1           get up and go your way   1    
178 229 The Last Judgment Y     1   treat believers like Jesus           1   MT: angels, thrones, judgment (common theme)
179 143 The lawyer's question     Y 1           obey law and live   1   LK: inherit Eternal Life (parallels omit life/EL)
191 174 The unjust manager     Y 1           Make friends with money   1   LK: Children of this age contrasted with Children of Light (APOK)
197 56 Two blind men healed Y     1   see that no one knows           1    
201 194 Zacchaeus     Y 1           gave half-possessions (but kept job)   1   LK: taxguy kept job; only gave half his possessions (salvation came today)
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