My "Thanks" List (partial)...

The story is told of young man out walking one day, who comes upon a quite elderly man planting a lone peach tree sapling. The young man chuckled, and said "Friend, I hope you don't plan on eating any peaches from that tree!".
Whereupon, the old man smiled and replied: "Young man, I have eaten a whole lot of peaches in my lifetime, and none of them from trees I planted myself. I'm just trying to give something back to those later than I."

So much of what we are originally came from others. We accepted it, argued with, transformed it a little, and then integrated with it. It is no longer 'them'; it is now 'us'. But the debt is still there, the thanks still owed, and the task of planting peach trees for others lies still ahead of all of us. 

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