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This is an ongoing weekly/fortnightly series, based on the material in my Adult Education class at the church I attend. I have a particularly bright group, with many difficult (but honest) questions and we often get 'way off track'. But we cover many of the more difficult issues in the Christian worldview. The class title is "God's Witness in History--the miracle of the Bible" and it began in the fall of 1994.

I have entered the original syllabus, breaking it up into smaller-size chunks, and will be adding some feeble (but explanatory) prose as fast as I can. The general theme of the class concerns God's communication to humanity; future directions will expand into theological method and Christology.

(If you live in the San Jose CA area, and would like to visit us, we are at the Palo Alto Pennisula Bible Church.)

Meta-Course Things (of course!) The lessons so far (and intended in near future):
  1. Introduction--the concept of revelation
  2. The Human setting in which it would occur
  3. The possible "Other Side" setting from which it might occur
  4. If it 'occurred', what might it look like?
  5. Excursus: How we "process" communication
  6. Other means of revelation other than the Scripture
  7. The Christian revelation in history: the recording
  8. The Christian revelation in history: the recognition of the canon
  9. The Christian revelation in history: the preservation of the data (OT)
  10. The Christian revelation in history: the preservation of the data (NT)
  11. Translation, Preaching, and Theological Development in History
  12. Inspiration and Illumination: What they ARE and ARE NOT
  13. Inerrancy, the Data of Scripture, and the Approach of Honest Faith
  14. Hermeneutics and "Scripture Twisting"
  15. Important Distinctions within the doctrine of revelation
  16. Sola Scripturavs. Tradition
  17. The Clarity of Scripture vs. the "Hidden-ness" of God's Disclosure
  18. Skeptical Arguments of our Day
  19. Skeptical Arguments of our Day-Part II
  20. Course Implications for our Lives

God's Witness in History: The Miracle of The Bible--This Adult Education Elective is designed to examine the recent data, arguments, and issues around a central theme in historic Christianity: that God spoke into history and produced a written record of that for use by subsequent generations of the community of the faithful. There are many skeptics and anti-Bible arguments today, but God has left a faithful record of his work for the believer. This course will attempt to establish the central concepts in the doctrine of revelation and how they can be understood and communicated in today's world.
Objectives of the Course
Who Should Attend This Course
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