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Sept 6/2014

Finally, finally, FINALLY (sigh) posted Part TWO of the total rewrite of The Lukan Census, Herod, and Quirinius...this one about the grammar/lexical aspects of the text...

Finally updated my prayer requests from a year ago! (can you see one obvious area where I need prayer?--smile)

July 19/2014

Posted a link to the tribute/obituary page of the late Dixie Clark at Nap Clark's Bible Teaching site.

June 22/2014

Finally, finally, FINALLY (sigh) posted Part One of the total rewrite of The Lukan Census, Herod, and Quirinius...

May 16/2014

Bought a couple of books. Still working on a big update on the Lukan census, but 'life' is still stealing most of the 'discretionary time slices'....sigh

April 19/2014

I thought I would share with you, this year's "Easter" message I make for my kids each year 15 minutes, MP4, addressed to my treasured kids, not posted at the Tank site, but a private site.

April 13/2014

Posted a fairly large update to the discussion on the definite article in h-almah in Isaiah 7.14 to part 2 of the older "Fabulous Prophecies of the Messiah".

March 7/2014

Bought a couple of books, mostly on Biblical Hebrew grammar.

[Somebody questioned my use of Gesenius/GKC on Is 7.14, so i thought i would update that article with all the newer Biblical Hebrew grammars--which agree, btw, with GKC's original/unmodified position. ... I bought all the grammars that were referenced in BH courses in English-speaking Jewish universities and in English-speaking BH departments in other schools.

March 1/2014

Still struggling, day2day... but incremental-but-definite progress over the past two months (thanks mostly to your prayers, obviously).
Just made a minor update to the article on the sequence of events in the hardening spiral of Pharaoh

Jan 14/2014

Still struggling, day2day... difficult, confusing, dissipative time... difficult to center, focus, gather up fragments... must be a time of positive change going on in my life (smile... 'tear down' to 'replant'...sigh).
Bought a couple of books

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