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Dec 3/2017

Sept 4/2017

Aug 27/2017

July 4/2017

June 23/2017

  • Bought a couple of books.

Feb 12/2017

  • Bought a couple of books.
  • I updated the Download-the-whole-Tank link (to reflect the current Tank contents)
  • I updated the topical index--it had not been updated for 5 years, and i had not noticed--i have been so overwhelmed by the struggles/failures of these years--depressing...sigh

Jan 27/2017

Posted some short answers to some critically-important questions for a Muslim questioner in the middle east (translations from another language by a translator):

Nov 1/2016

  • Bought a couple of books.

Oct 9/2016

One more section (a difficult one...sigh)...

Aug 16/2016

  • Bought several books, for the second part of the topic on client-kings, tax/tribute, and Cappadocia/Apamea.
Getting closer to finishing it (hopefully in the next couple of weeks).

July 9/2016

  • Bought several books, for the second part of the topic on client-kings, tax/tribute, and Cappadocia/Apamea.

May 8/2016

Feb 27/2016

  • Bought several books, for a piece on client-kings, tax/tribute, and Cappadocia/Apamea. I was asked to respond to some comments in a debate on whether certain evidence concerning this was valid or not. Still working on the write-up, dealing with Tacitus, Cilicia, Cietis, etc.

Feb 6/2016

Feb 5/2016

  • Bought (or was given) a couple of books.


Posted an audio file (MP3) of the little Christmas message I shared with my family on Christmas morning/2015, [31 minutes/38MB] in the Audio/Video pages. Still staggering under the workload (been working nonstop since Thanksgiving, every weekend and holiday , and i have about another 10 days of this left before starting to travel again...not making almost any progress on the writing/responding to the questions that still come in (e.g. Apamea, Josiah's kids, messy3, Lucan census more, apok, etc...)... when He allows and directs...


Oct 25/2015

  • Added some additional material to the first installment of source data for messianic roles--I am almost done with the second installment (Rejected/Betrayed Messiah, Suffering Servant).
  • Bought a couple of books.

Sep 21/2015

Posted the Audio recoding of the session (July 2015) I got to teach at the bible conference in Starkville MS, honoring Nap and Dixie Clark, in the Audio/Video pages. My session was on The Unexpected God--Beyond our stereotypes of deity, syllabus is here sylly.pdf.

Sept 5/2015

Someone wanted me to provide source data for messianic roles--so I started yet another

Aug 30/2015

Someone wanted me to update my old blurb on Eisenman/Thiering's credibility/acceptance by scholarship--so I updated it with new statements from the scholarly pubs.

July 28/2015

Just a note to express my thanks to the good-hearted folk who came through to encourage me, and hold me up after my last pre-mortem (smile) comment... and especially to those who sent pictures, like the treasures in France!... also, God has allowed me to participate a little in the bible conference this weekend, honoring Nap and Dixie Clark... I have a breakout session entitled "The Unexpected God--Beyond our stereotypes of deity" on Saturday morning. It's been a long time since I got to prepare for such an occasion, and the syllabus for the session (20pp) is available here (sylly.pdf) - it is one of my favorite topics to reflect on, as He confronts me with Who He really IS in scripture year-after-year... amazing heart...

May 18/2015

Just a note to let folks know i am still alive--although nobody has asked this time...sigh/whatever... but I obviously have been providentially re-focused / re-directed on family matters for the recent past... i continue to work on (wish to work on) various pieces i owe people, but i dont really have a lot of control over my schedule at this point... for good or ill... I try to maintain a postive view of the change, but its discouraging most of the time (although that is more reflective of skewed priorities and mis-shapen values than any reality or truth... i know that)... trying to re-calibrate... really enjoying, btw, "He Loves Me: Learning to Live in the Father's Affection", by Wayne it to many of my family... more later, as i can...

Dec 28/2014

Posted an audio file (MP3) of the Christmas 'message' I shared with my family on Christmas morning, 48minutes / 47MB. (I have been doing these for decades, but only recorded this one--i have a couple of Easter ones up on the Tank, though, which can be found in the yearly revision logs, around the Easter timeframe.)

Dec 14/2014

Bought a couple of books. Still working on the last part of the big update on the Lukan census, but 'life' is still stealing most of the 'discretionary time slices'....sigh... but may have turned a corner this past month... we will see what the Lord gives...

Sept 6/2014

Finally, finally, FINALLY (sigh) posted Part TWO of the total rewrite of The Lukan Census, Herod, and Quirinius...this one about the grammar/lexical aspects of the text...

Finally updated my prayer requests from a year ago! (can you see one obvious area where I need prayer?--smile)

July 19/2014

Posted a link to the tribute/obituary page of the late Dixie Clark at Nap Clark's Bible Teaching site.

June 22/2014

Finally, finally, FINALLY (sigh) posted Part One of the total rewrite of The Lukan Census, Herod, and Quirinius...

May 16/2014

Bought a couple of books. Still working on a big update on the Lukan census, but 'life' is still stealing most of the 'discretionary time slices'....sigh

April 19/2014

I thought I would share with you, this year's "Easter" message I make for my kids each year 15 minutes, MP4, addressed to my treasured kids, not posted at the Tank site, but a private site.

April 13/2014

Posted a fairly large update to the discussion on the definite article in h-almah in Isaiah 7.14 to part 2 of the older "Fabulous Prophecies of the Messiah".

March 7/2014

Bought a couple of books, mostly on Biblical Hebrew grammar.

[Somebody questioned my use of Gesenius/GKC on Is 7.14, so i thought i would update that article with all the newer Biblical Hebrew grammars--which agree, btw, with GKC's original/unmodified position. ... I bought all the grammars that were referenced in BH courses in English-speaking Jewish universities and in English-speaking BH departments in other schools.

March 1/2014

Still struggling, day2day... but incremental-but-definite progress over the past two months (thanks mostly to your prayers, obviously).
Just made a minor update to the article on the sequence of events in the hardening spiral of Pharaoh

Jan 14/2014

Still struggling, day2day... difficult, confusing, dissipative time... difficult to center, focus, gather up fragments... must be a time of positive change going on in my life (smile... 'tear down' to 'replant'...sigh).
Bought a couple of books

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