How to help fund Thinktank research:

Money/Amazon WishList Donations Disabled: Jan/2003 , May 2004



All of the tank expenses (e.g., books, web service, systems) I personally pay for out of whatever income I get each month.


Some of you have asked for a way to help with these expenses, so I put together these options over the past year or so.

  1. I am now an associate, and have links to their site on my Recommended Books page. When/if you decide to buy any of those books, if you do so through those special links, then the Tank gets a sliver of the profits. [But only of that specific book--if you buy other items than those while there, it doesn't count for the Tank.]

  2. Also, I can get a smaller sliver of just about anything you buy there, if you use a special link  to access their site. To help in this way, click on this Amazon link here, then BOOKMARK that page (amazed.html) as your main entry point. Then always use THAT bookmark to access, and it will generally benefit the Tank a little as you purchase items from them.

  3. [Disabled May 2004] You can help by buying some of the research books for me. I have placed a list of these on's  "Wish List"  facility. You go to, select "Friends and Family", and do a Search on "People". Specify "Glenn Miller", and select the one that is identified with the Christian Thinktank. You then can browse my 'wish list' of books I intend to get someday/somehow for Tankwork. Warning: many of these books are very expensive (by my standards)...just in case you can/want to.

[NOTE: the above methods, involving Amazon, are not "tax-deductible" help, and cannot be claimed as such on your income tax.]


Thanks, Glenn Miller

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