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num:001:018 the words for 'indicating ancestry' and 'records' in v.19 are the same word as 'generations' in the genealogies of Gen 1-11. (i.e., 'these are the legal RECORDS of...') INFOFLOW HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:001:050 these 'encamp around the tabernacle' laws must have been meant to be changed--once when they finished the Wanderings, and at least once more when the Temple was build. LAWCHANGE. LAWCHANGE HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:001:053 a buffer of consecration, to protect the people ZNSB (NASB) 2003-02-18
num:002:016 LAWCHANGE. the tribal allotments in the land were NOT the same layout as required by the law in the encampment regulations. LAWCHANGE HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:003:038 the requirement for Aaron to live on the east of the temple--was this an 'eternal law'? LAWCHANGE LAWCHANGE HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:003:044 this Levite-for-firstborn transaction--how permanent was it to be? The firstborn redemption was clearly a continuing rule, but do we have any indication of the Levite substitute ever again? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:003:046 this word 'redeem' is NOT the normal 'goel' word. HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:005:003 LAWCHANGE. were the unclean always driven out of the city during their time of impurity?  LAWCHANGE HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:005:006 violation of /crime against a human is considered disloyalty to God. solidarity somehow. Solidarity HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:005:015 the accusation actually COST something, but it does seem to be a whole lot (3-4 liters). But it might have been enough so that these weren't done frivolously. women HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:006:002 this is not the normal word for separation (kadesh). HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:007:009 no oxen allowed! HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:008:014 this is not the normal word for separation (kadesh). HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:008:017 they were declared 'dead to the world' (like us in Jesus, thru the Cross) ZNSB (NASB) 2003-02-18
num:008:019 Levites were a GIFT to Aaron for help. We are gifts to one another (and to Jesus) to minister, plus, we are given gifts ourselves for use in ministry HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:009:009 grace in the law--but not license (v. 13)! grace ZNSB (NIV) 2003-02-18
num:009:011 God made allowance for travel and for misfortune grace HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:009:014 law was equal for Jew and non-Jew, within the nation of Israel. impartial HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:009:016 the word for 'continual' here is tamid, and not olam. eternal HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:009:023 it looks like 'at the command of YHWH' is the same as 'when the cloud moved', making the command of YHWH into something non-verbal (but obvious and non-ambiguous) HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:010:008 here is an OLAM ordinance--trumpets in battle, festivals, movement of the camp, and assembly. LAWCHANGE? eternal HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:010:031 was there some kind of flex in where the cloud went? why did Moses ask this guy to be a guide? (KD says that it was for him to show where the springs and plots of pasture were, in the general area indicated by the cloud.) guidance, revelation HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:010:035 ps 68! OTNOT OTNOT ZNSB (NIV) 2003-02-18
num:011:006 pleasure versus utility! (priorities, priorities) HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:011:022 this implies their livestock was not a numerous as normal? HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:011:025 notice how the Spirit is not 'extended'--it doesn't seem to be 'diluted' by distribution. Also notice that prophecy here was a one-time sign to show the presence of the Spirit in their lives. they were being empowered for guidance, NOT for revelation, but a sign was needed anyway. miracle HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:011:029 this wish of Moses would be fulfilled in the New Covt! Joel's prophecy! NewCovt ZNSB (NIV) 2003-02-18
num:012:007 a precision issue in revelation (dreams versus precise) revelation HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:012:014 God refers to a non-biblical custom here. HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:013:019 the quest for knowledge itself was not wrong! only the use of the results. HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:013:028 Anak had an international reputation--INFOFLOW INFOFLOW HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:013:032 slander comes in many forms. They slandered the land, and God's intended blessing to them. slander HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:013:032 devouring the inhabitants'--a sin of overstating the negatives (i do this A LOT, I think). slander HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:001 this crowd was way too easily persuaded, especially with the big grapes there! they Must have been pre-disposed to failure, doubt, and disbelief. rejection HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:001 the power of influence--widespread despair! leadership HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:002 they pre-decided AGAINST you--after your miracles, they pre-decided that You were inadequate for this next miracle... rejection ZNSB (NASB) 2003-02-18
num:014:011 another case of the leadership treating God with contempt in PUBLIC and doing massive, leveraged damage in the process! leadership HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:011 these people do not believe even though they saw the SAME miracles the Egyptians did--and the Egyptians eventually BELIEVED, remember! rejection HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:020 God specifically said that He forgave them 'at Moses request'--a responsive God. openness HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:022 the judgment here on the bad leaders is NOT because of the report, but because of their unbelief in the face of all the miracles they PERSONALLY witnessed! Judgment according to light! leadership, rejection HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:026 the wording in these verses seems to indicate that it was only the 'grumblers' who would perish (i.e., not everybody 'grumbled') HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:031 a great example of social interwovenness. The kids would not be punished for the sins of the fathers (i.e., they would not die in the wilderness), but they WOULD suffer SOME consequences of the judgment on the fathers (i.e., the wilderness experience). social fabric is of one cloth, and people can suffer innocently for the sins of others. Solidarity HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:014:035 group dynamics and complicity against the God of their Freedom!!! rejection HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:015:002 here are laws that are NOT in force at the time they are given; only later when 'in the land' LAWCHANGE HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:015:023 the instruction to obey the law of Moses is qualified by 'throughout your generations' and NOT using OLAM eternal HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:015:024 were the sins of ignorance due to a failure in the teaching responsibilities of the Levites? leadership HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:015:024 a small sacrifice by the whole community--a valuation on sins of ignorance? grace HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:015:025 serious grace grace HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:015:030 this blasphemy was NON-VERBAL! whoever 'does something' with the wrong attitude is committing blasphemy--without speaking! behavior ZNSB (NASB) 2003-02-18
num:015:031 despised' indicates they KNEW VERY WELL what they were doing (sorta like 'blaspheming the Spirit' required advanced theological knowledge).  malice HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:015:038 does the Mosaic injunction to wear tassels on the 'corners' of the garments mandate a certain dress code forever (i.e., garments with 'corners')? LAWCHANGE LAWCHANGE HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:016:005 God is a free-agent in history, too. He can choose sovereignly and freely. openness HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:016:010 After being gifted by God, they were dissatisfied and became 'badly' ambitious. Its okay to aspire to higher levels of service, but some such ambition is evil. HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:016:014 this is amazing! they misrepresent the fact (we came from a place of milk and honey), shift blame ('YOU haven't brought us into the promised land'!), and project onto Moses their own attitudes (lord it over, deceived, gouge eyes out?) slander HebIntr 2003-02-18
num:016:023 another case of social interconnectedness Solidarity HebIntr 02/26/03
num:016:027 Not a united revolt, those who left lived next to the rebels, but didn't join in Revolt CJB 2003-02-18
num:016:034 Guilty hearts... heart HebIntr 02/26/03
num:016:035 presumption and rebellion were expressed in a religious act! Just because something 'looks religious' or is done 'in the name of God' doesn't imply anything about the owner's attitude or heart! HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:016:048 stood between the dead and the living'--my Jesus! HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:016:048 in lev 21.10-11, a high priest was not supposed to do this--but the seriousness of the situation demanded it, and my Jesus came among us sinners because our need was so serious grace HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:017:005 God lessened the grumbling by miracle, instead of judgment this time! grace! grace ZNSB (NASB) 2003-02-18
num:017:012 zero faith... they imagined this danger, after God's obvious acceptance of them?! rejection HebIntr 02/26/03
num:018:016 prices in shekels--LAWCHANGE--would this amounts be forever, in spite of currency change and valuation changes? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:018:017 firstborn sacrifice as sustenance for the priest--God gave from His, to them HebIntr 02/26/03
num:018:022 The prohibition for the Israelites was for their protection--a mercy. They had other, legitimate ways to approach. Mercy CJB 2003-02-18
num:018:032 flow: People give to God, God gives to Levites, Levites tithe from this to God. God provides all in all, but people get blessed for obedience in the process! grace! interaction ESV 2003-02-18
num:019:004 ordination of priest happened at tabernacle door. When there is no tabernacle (e.g., temple, exile), what do they do? LAWCHANGE LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:019:013 everybody who touched a dead body required some water from the central sanctuary--this will not scale (given an eternal law perspective). LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:020:005 did they forget already the fruit the spies brought back? (or, like me, deliberately forget God's truth... ) slander HebIntr 02/26/03
num:020:012 their lack of faith was not hammered out with God BEFOREHAND, but simply accepted and acted out IN PUBLIC! leadership ESV 2003-02-18
num:020:012 had they lapsed in 'magic' in this case? ESV 2003-02-18
num:020:024 he was excluded for 'rebellion'--the same as the other adult males who didn't make it rejection HebIntr 02/26/03
num:021:006 They were no different from Pharaoh when they sinned--they were subject to judgment too impartial CJB 2003-02-18
num:021:008 look up judgment, understand, and live! look upon the effect of our sin on the person of our Lord on Calvary, understand, and live! HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:021:028 fire is used as a metaphor for judgment in this poetry-prophecy type statement. Fire is NOT literal here, and this has implications for interpreting this image in other judgment/punishment contexts punishment, fire HebIntr 02/26/03
num:022:006 Balak tries to get Balaam to act like/against God -- blessing and cursing HebIntr 02/26/03
num:022:033 the donkey speaking--ex of extreme grace (both seeing and speaking) grace HebIntr 02/26/03
num:023:007 This foreign prophet knew BOTH names for Israel...international history must have been easily known/remembered. INFOFLOW ZNSB (NASB) 2003-02-18
num:023:007 he knew WHO they were, and even their history (the change of names!) INFOFLOW HebIntr 02/26/03
num:023:009 lives apart'... strangers and pilgrims HebIntr 02/26/03
num:023:019 doesn't change mind--about blessing! (but does about cursing, thankfully!) HebIntr 02/26/03
num:024:002 no divination used by Baalam here CJB 2003-02-18
num:024:003 he saw clearly, after God overrode him several times! (and clearly is in contrast to the vagueness of divination) revelation HebIntr 02/26/03
num:024:004 beautiful: God saw these whining, unfaithful, ungrateful folks as 'beautiful'!! Grace! grace HebIntr 02/26/03
num:025:002 these women must have gone out to the Israelites, to extend the invitations...aggressive treachery CJB 2003-02-18
num:025:011 somebody cared about God, His people, and their relationship! leadership HebIntr 02/26/03
num:025:015 was this intended as a political marriage? in spite of God's clear commands otherwise? CJB 2003-02-18
num:025:018 these words clearly indicate that this was no 'innocent' attack on Israel. CJB 2003-02-18
num:025:018 deception is especially punished when it is accompanied by a knowledge of what is right/better malice HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:025:018 this was a deliberate DECEPTION, not just TEMPTATION by Moab... insidious malice HebIntr 02/26/03
num:030:008 the vow is nullified because she didn't have the authority in that case to make the payment-part contract ALONE women HebIntr 02/26/03
num:031:050 the officer uses the 'atone' word, even though it is bloodless and functions as a memorial (54). This was an interesting inclusion of YHWH into their lives and understanding--they SAW the statistical improbability of zero causalities, and sought a 'reasonable' explanation of it--in light of the Exodus!) atonement, judgment HebIntr 02/26/03
num:032:030 they were given a legitimate alternative (apparently). Would God have honored either path? Probably so--what does this imply about the specifics of God's 'will'? guidance HebIntr 02/26/03
num:033:002 God commanded Moses to record the travelogue--for torah... INFOFLOW HebIntr 02/26/03
num:033:056 this verse shows that it was an expulsion and NOT an annihilation (because it was done later to Israel). HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:034:009 God gave them borders--not an ever-expanding, land-hungry empire! Just to be a safe place to enjoy the life and love of YHWH... HebIntr 02/26/03
num:035:002 the levitical cities: implies a change of law, for where the Levites lived relative to the Ark LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:035:003 Levites were to be cattle farmers--'olam'? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:035:004 the lands allocated to the Levites were FIXED... with population change, would a LAWCHANGE be required/expected? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:035:006 cities of refuge--for manslayer and executioner--would not be needed in the New Age (without death) LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:035:023 the law looked at the heart, too--the issue of motive was considered heart ZNSB (NIV) 2003-02-18
num:035:025 sanctuary to the mis-judged, to the slandered slander HCSB(NRSV) 2003-02-18
num:035:025 not all goel-avenging is morally correct! HebIntr 02/26/03
num:035:028 process of non-extradition applied until the 'death of the high priest'--w/o death in the New Age, this law cannot be used LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:035:029 these city of refuge laws (involving aspects that CANNOT apply in the Age to Come) are said to apply 'to all generations'... LAWCHANGE HebIntr 02/26/03
num:035:031 no escape from justice for the rich... impartial CJB 2003-02-18
num:035:033 atonement involved justice--satisfaction--and was not simply a matter of 'flimsy forgiveness' atonement, judgment CJB 2003-02-18
num:035:033 only judgment can cleanse for blood. And since hatred amounted to bloodshed, there would always have been a need for an adequate blood sacrifice to cleanse us. atonement, judgment ZNSB (NIV) 2003-02-18
num:036:006 God said these women could marry whoever 'pleased their eyes'! women HebIntr 02/26/03