Notes from the Edge of my Bible

Last update: Jan 2004

These are just notes I have jotted in along the margins in my bibles over the years. Not complete, not profundities, and not intended to be 'commentary' per se. I just thought some of these might be of interest to the readership. They are just 'oddities' and oblique observations (some questions, actually). The underlinings are much more important, but I cannot show those here obviously..."Location" is given in the form "Chapter:Verse". The "Bible" column is just for my reference.

I will be adding these book by book as I can, slow but sure. Also, these are 'read-only' (smile). I don't plan to make additions/changes/spelling corrections to these, nor do I have time to discuss them, or to 'argue with' anyone about them (knowing smile)...["But thanks for correcting me anyway..."; (chuckle)

Some topics of interest to me are noted by the use of code-abbreviations. Some of these are:


Genesis(gen), Exodus (exo), Leviticus (lev), Numbers (num), Deuteronomy (deut).

Joshua (jos), Judges (jdg), Ruth (rth)

1 Samuel (1sm), 2 Samuel (2sm)

1 Kings (1kg), 2 Kings (2kg)

1 Chronicles (1ch), 2 Chronicles (2ch)

Ezra (ezr), Nehemiah(neh), Esther (est)

Job (job), Psalms (pss), Provers (prv), Ecclesiastes (ecc), Song of Songs (sos)

Isaiah (isa), Jeremiah (jer), Lamentations (lam), Ezekiel (eze), Daniel (dan)

Hosea (hos), Joel (joe), Amos (amo), Obadiah (oba), Jonah (jon)

Micah (mic), Nahum (nah), Habakkuk (hab), Zephaniah (zep), Haggai (hag)

Zechariah (zec), Malachi (mal).


Matthew (mat), Mark (mar), Luke (luk), John (joh)

Acts (act)

Romans (rom), I Corinthians (1co), 2 Corinthians (2co)

Galatians (gal), Ephesians (eph), Philippians (plp), Colossians (col)

1 Thessalonians (1thes), 2 Thessalonians (2thes)

1 Timothy (1ti), 2 Timothy (2ti)

Titus (titus), Philemon (phlm)

Hebrews (heb), James (jas), 1 Peter (1pe), 2 Peter (2pe)

1 John (1jo), 2 John (2jo), 3 John (3jo), Jude (jde), Revelation (rev)


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