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deut:001:015 ratification of the covenant covenant HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:001:015 respected men: like the main qualification of NT leaders leadership HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:001:022 this detail was not in the Num 13 account! Explains the doubt a little better (all of you came to me...) HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:001:027 why did they project such malignance onto you? Did they already hate you, and not care about YOU? projection HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:001:030 their negativism was NOT due to 'honest doubt'! They already had a full audit trail of God's miraculous support behind them! No grounds for anything BUT optimism! evidence HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:001:037 does this imply some interaction between Moses and the people at the Rock? (a la Aaron and the people at the Golden Calf incident?) HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:001:042 they were CLEARLY warned ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:001:043 delayed obedience (in this case) was considered rebellion (I obviously don't like this verse--it is too convicting...sigh) HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:002:005 the land given to "hated" (rom 9) Esau?: Romans 9 has NOTHING TO DO with God's gifts...its about service. election HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:002:014 a good example of how numbers are treated realistically in HW--here is 38, but its often rounded to 40. numerals HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:002:015 God was able, in this case, to eliminate this group from WITHIN the middle of a larger group. He did NOT have to kill the WHOLE group, nor did HE have to isolate them first (a la Dathan). It was done over time. judgment HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:002:033 gave over--'paradidomai' (NT) HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:003:019 this implies blessing in the Wilderness somehow (the one conquest would not have enriched JUST these 2.5 tribes to this degree). God not only provided in the Wanderings, but He also provided a means of semi-prosperity? HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:003:021 Arguing from an audit-trail again, but this time from RECENT events in the eyes of those about to carry the responsibility of leadership and war. evidence HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:002 do not add: obviously refers to HUMAN changes to the Law--NOT to God changing it (a la David, prophets) LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:003 this sounds a little like the judgment was selective HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:003 destroyed from among you: equals KILLED in this case judgment HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:009 that is, DON'T FORGET THE FACTS! evidence HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:014 Laws were given for when they were IN THE LAND, but others were obviously given for BEFORE then (e.g., camping order) LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:019 the stars/moon/etc are GIFTS to everyone (including pagans)--do not WORSHIP them! Do not exalt the gifts above the Giver, in your hearts and values! HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:027 decimation--reduction in population as judgment CJB 03/02/03
deut:004:031 these promises were conditional upon obedience... covenant HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:032 their law was an expression/requirement of the Covenant covenant HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:032 reference to creation of man upon the earth (eretz) HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:034 the exodus--as an act of a god--was unprecedented in the ancient world (very strong evidence) evidence CJB 03/02/03
deut:004:035 these verses appeal to evidence again...grounds for trust and acceptance of God evidence HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:040 why are these commands GIVEN TODAY? Are they different from the 'old ones'? (clearly cities of refuge were, but not all). Continuity and discontinuity LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:004:040 law purpose: SO YOU MAY LIVE LONG in the LAND HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:005:003 the 'fathers' were the representatives of the nation, and hence the covenant was made with the Nation (notice how a covenant between the Father and the twin-natures Son could solve our biggest problem!  Substitute ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:005:003 another reference to representative /substitute Substitute HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:005:004 face-to-face was NOT literal: the people did NOT see God in this way (but it was STILL 'relatively' intimate considering the gods of the ANE)! CJB 03/02/03
deut:005:009 but the principle is bounded by 24.16, 7.10 in the SAME book (NOT a later innovation of Ezekiel!) HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:005:014 commanded to REST (unlike the rest of the world!) - a sign of trust in God's provision ESV 03/02/03
deut:005:016 here the law is to ensure 'natural consequences' HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:005:021 the words for covet (wife) and covet (goods) are DIFFERENT. WBC says that covet(wife) is something that leads to action (e.g., not simple ogle-ing, and probably not simple 'wistful fantasy')  sex, covet HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:005:025 they SAW that they would not die--why were they afraid that they WOULD?! No faith, no consistency of thought doubt HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:005:027 they begged for a mediator... HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:005:029 God knew they would fail, and was passionately grieved over their inability to achieve 'well forever' HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:005:029 conditional olam olam HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:006:002 another statement of the purpose of the Law: your days be long (in the land)--almost like tenant-law(?) HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:006:003 the 'so that'--> blessings!!!! HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:006:006 law-on-heart was the responsibility of ISRAEL in this covenant (it would be God's job in the New Covt) New Covenant HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:006:008 this probably wasn't literal--the passage in Ex 13.9,16 doesn't mean they put the scroll-ettes in their MOUTHS... HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:006:016 obviously, not ALL those who tested the Lord at Massah died. HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:006:024 the beneficent purpose of the Law HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:006:025 a law-righteousness required obedience to ALL the law (but the sacrifices in the Law SHOULD have made this practically attainable)... righteousness HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:002 mercy cannot always be implemented--e.g.. in cases of deliberate and sustained treachery. Exclusion is the only option in some cases. judgment HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:004 marriage is SUPPOSED to mutually-influence(!) for GOOD, so in a destructive pairing, this is VERY BAD! marriage HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:006 God used a tender-term here ("treasure"), not just something formal like 'subjects', 'possession', or even 'inheritance' (through they were all those). God wanted them to know He DELIGHTED in them!! INTERNAL HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:012 conditional on obedience conditional HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:014 MORE THAN implies God blessed other nations, too. partiality HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:015 judgment on those who HATED Israel judgment HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:016 mercy cannot always be implemented--e.g.. in cases of deliberate and sustained treachery. Exclusion is the only option in some cases. judgment HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:017 expulsion, not annihilation judgment HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:018 audit trail as basis for faith and courage! evidence HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:019 after the pattern of Egypt: implies non-annihilation judgment HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:025 covet gold: same word as covet(wife)--5.21, and 'so that' clause links it to action--NOT just 'fantasy' sex, covet HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:025 gold is good, but in this case, the 'some good in it' argument would be/was disastrous! purity HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:007:026 contagious--impurity can violate a larger area HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:007:026 public association with idol HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:008:002 God will test them, for several purposes: humility, reveal their TRUE character and attitudes trials HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:008:002 God tests "to know what is in their hearts"--for WHO to know? God or Israel? Contingent knowledge? Or a 'audit trailed' knowledge, of use in public judgment courts! (remember, foreknowledge of failure asserted in 5.29 already) omniscience, openness HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:008:002 You did the old: need/stretch/fulfill pattern here growth HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:008:003 it doesn't say FROM EVERY WORD! It says EVERY (THING). The context args that this refers to the order/command of God to provide for His people! This integrates His providence and His moral instruction in torah. And makes sense of how Jesus used this in the Temptation HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:008:015 another reference to miracle evidence HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:008:016 testing for the express purpose of blessing trials HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:008:018 giving of ability to produce wealth, is to CONFIRM the covenant to the fathers... HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:008:019 the Land as the theatre of judgment CJB 03/02/03
deut:009:001 TODAY: not a precise time marker (they didn't cross that EXACT day) precision HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:009:003 expulsion linked to annihilation (drive them out) HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:009:005 Israel's relative "less evil" than the Amorites was completely irrelevant to this discussion! (stated several times in this passage!) grace HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:009:007 they continually frustrated God in the Wanderings (Ps 78.40-41; Is 63.10) heart, OTNOT HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:009:014 this BLOT THEIR NAME OUT threat was real. God is able to reject those who reject Him (a la Eli the priest, in 1 Sam 2-3) conditional HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:009:020 Aaron got a second chance, after one of the worst failures in religious history! (hope for me?) He was exalted as High Priest still! grace, forgiveness HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:009:023 they were faulted for NON-TRUST, and not for non-obedience, actually, in this case faith HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:009:027 Moses focused the prayer away from sin, to God's covenant. Anchoring in the heart of God...(like Abe and Sodom) heart HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:009:028 Moses pointed out the slur on your heart (e.g., You are a 'hater') which would be 'assumed' by the nations... heart HebIntr 03/03/03
deut:010:012 it wasn't supposed to BE so hard... HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:010:013 law was for 'our good' HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:010:015 the contrast between BIG (heavens and earth) and LITTLE (Israel). HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:010:016 they were supposed to circumcise their OWN hearts! INTERNAL HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:010:017 no favorites'--a wondrously inclusive god! CJB 03/02/03
deut:010:018 describing WHO God is, in terms of His heart heart HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:010:021 God was supposed to be the cause of their distinction before the nations.  HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:011:001 emphasis on love heart HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:011:008 obedience produces strength, even obedience to 'seemingly obscure' commands (they grow a heart prepared for great battles for good and love). obedience HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:011:011 they didn't know about the Land? Didn't the leaders pass on the stories of the Patriarchs? Or didn't they believe them? INFOFLOW CJB 03/02/03
deut:011:014 this LOOKS like a quote (shift to 1st person for a second, in MT mss only) from Lev 26.4 OTNOT HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:011:018 emphasis on heart again INTERNAL HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:011:022 more heart INTERNAL HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:011:023 expulsion of Canaanites judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:011:029 the mention of the mountains' names implies knowledge of the geography: available from either recent intelligence or from diplomatic knowledge in the courts of Egypt (e.g., Amarna letters and reports) INFOFLOW HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:001 the law of Deut was specifically to be followed 'in the land' HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:005 forward looking element--to the centralized worship at the future-Jerusalem. LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:007 the command to rejoice in their work output, since it was a blessing. Work ethic, pride in workmanship, emphasis on rejoicing (not duty) INTERNAL, Pride HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:008 "in his own eyes"--the famous phrase from Judges OTNOT ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:012:008 this is the phrase used in the opening/closing of Judges OTNOT HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:008 another admission that the Wilderness-Israel was a lawless Israel... HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:011 forward looking element--to the centralized worship at the future-Jerusalem. LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:012 another command to rejoice! internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:013 centralized worship again HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:015 eliminated one motive for unsanctioned sacrifice HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:017 tithe was stated in non-money terms (e.g., agri-products, not pottery, other trade items). Strict law observance would exempt most modern tithes LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:018 another command to rejoice! heart HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:012:020 its okay to satisfy a material craving, as long as done 'correctly' desire HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:001 false miracles DO occur evidence ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:013:003 evaluation of a prophet must be 'of one piece'--both signs AND message. Signs alone do not do it. (there are implied ways of producing anti-god signs!) evidence HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:013:003 false miracles DO occur; false prophets DO arise evidence HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:004 God tests to find out if they are in compliance with the 'all' of the Shema! trials HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:006 we are not supposed to 'bear with' ALL evil--some is to be purged judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:007 terms of endearment: wife, friend Community HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:009 no pity' is not just for Canaanites, but also for internal Israel issues! partiality HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:010 the issue of intent: tried to draw away... INTERNAL CJB 03/02/03
deut:013:010 making a very visible statement of value-commitment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:012 public and community judgment has preventative effects judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:013 wicked men to arise from WITHIN Israel (not 'foreigners') ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:013:014 leading astray others, but with warning, these are NOT 'victims' per se. HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:015 critical thinking evidence HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:013:016 Israelite towns to be destroyed like the nations around them--no distinction between them! partiality HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:014:001 family image (sons of YHWH) solidarity HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:014:001 devotion the dead cannot become a substitute for relationship with God HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:014:002 Israel as a TREASURE to God again! His heart heart HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:014:021 this rule was obviously not a matter of sanitization--the selling to a foreigner shows that HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:014:023 tithe was to teach them to honor God, and/or the celebration of the tithe was supposed to be a teaching event INFOFLOW HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:014:025 plans for a party! Celebration with God. ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:014:026 they got to set their OWN menu for this celebration! desire HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:014:029 a blessing for sharing with the unfortunate! poor HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:014:029 satisfied: peace for the needy... internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:014:029 contingent blessings: as you bless others, God will bless you (with resources to bless others further)--the goodness multiplier spiral! HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:003 a model of a civic organization (within a close knit community) Community CJB 03/02/03
deut:015:004 extent of (non-occasional, chronic) poverty as measure of (communal) disobedience solidarity HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:007 do not harden hearts: compassion heart HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:008 relief is stated in terms of 'loan' not 'give'? social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:009 good description of the calculating human heart... evil HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:009 it is a sin to withhold a loan for this reason HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:010 wrong to give without a 'good heart'...grudge giving internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:014 giving to be based on EMPATHY internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:016 love internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:017 an olam servant (until death, not FOREVER) olam HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:018 more internal attitudes enjoined internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:015:021 not all firstborn animals were sacrificed, but all were eaten (all given back to them from the Lord, for their enjoyment!) celebration HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:016:002 place of Passover changed (also 5-7) LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:016:011 another command to rejoice! celebration HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:016:012 based on empathy again! internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:016:015 joy internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:016:020 justice implies 'rights' (from whence?) CJB 03/02/03
deut:016:020 justice is opposed to bribes social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:017:004 critical thinking evidence HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:017:007 first witness bears extra load of 'responsibility' HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:017:008 implied legal system (lawsuits) and provision for post-mosaic judges (continuation?) LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:017:008 only one central legal court?  HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:017:012 non-levitical judge implied HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:017:012 purge: those that defy the legal system need to be purged/exiled/etc. (only social contractors are allowed) Community HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:017:018 write the Law INFOFLOW HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:017:020 anti-elitism!! Of the king elitism HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:018:011 divination was considered one of the main sins of the Amorite, by the rabbi's HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:018:016 they REQUESTED an intermediary! (and God promised them Jesus!) Messiah CJB 03/02/03
deut:018:021 critical thinking evidence HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:004 motive and intention critical internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:006 not just 'slain blood' but intentionally 'slain blood' is the issue INTERNAL CJB 03/02/03
deut:019:006 provision for the reality of vengeance anger! (pragmatic law) wisdom HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:008 conditional fulfillment! Unknown at the time! Flexi-law; LAWCHANGE openness HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:010 the manslayer's blood was innocent blood ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:019:010 it was not the accidental blood that was innocent in this case, but it was the blood of the accidental manslayer, who might be wrongly killed by the avenger of blood HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:012 no police? Avenger was executioner for the legal system (of elders), in this case. It is unclear (to me) who administered all the other non-capital punishments (e.g., flogging--elders?) punishment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:012 was this system intended forever? Always an AOB to act as executioner, in the distant future? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:018 critical thinking evidence HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:019 judgment according to intention (I.e., heart!) INTERNAL HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:019:019 judgment has a preventative function, too CJB 03/02/03
deut:019:019 lex talionis applied to intent!!! (already committed murder in his heart...) internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:019 another evil that must be purged, not tolerated social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:019:020 preventative effects judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:020:001 these rules were for combat against aggressive hostiles--NOT for territorial conquests! HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:020:005 God was concerned that people experience the blessing/results of their labors. RESPONSIBILITY HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:020:006 You wanted them to reap what they sowed--for good--and it would show their faith in YOUR provision of battle safety and success in defense. faith HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:020:009 normally, only the blood of the killer would work to atone for the blood of the victim, but in this case, the blood of a sacrificial substitute was accepted by God. Pragmatic, but still affirmed the sacredness of life. (Also allows a Jesus-sacrifice for all the unknown-to-ourselves sin...) Substitute HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:020:015 relations different for near and far nations; non-peer relations with foreign enemies. HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:020:018 the nations-at-a-distance were not as bad as Amorites? Cultural elements less integrated into the lives of the women? (so it was safe to marry some, and add them into the blessings of the Israelite nation)? HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:020:019 no strip-burning allowed (did David/Joab do it when they ruined all the fields?) HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:020:022 reversible olam: destruction of Israel like that of Sodom (whose fortunes will be restored; e.g. Ezek 16.46)) olam HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:021:001 was this measuring system intended to be used in industrial (later) Israel? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:021:005 only Levites as legal judges in assaults etc? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:021:007 no actual 'retribution' here, except possibly the sacrifice? Forgiveness  forgiveness CJB 03/02/03
deut:021:009 provision for sins of communal ignorance HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:021:013 these are obviously unmarried women, without spouses or children to mourn. HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:021:014 dignity of the captive social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:021:016 some hedges on a father's partiality. But firstborn could be disqualified by sin (Reuben) or debilitating defects (many). Some will be killed according to verse 18f.  HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:021:021 this purging is after rounds and rounds of discipline! Some things ARE borne with, but at some point they become 'high handed' and socially destructive of the community judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:001 legislated acts of cooperation! social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:003 helpfulness to enemies ethics ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:022:003 sometimes inaction is culpable social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:008 preventative measures required for safety--ethical implications! ethics ESV 03/02/03
deut:022:008 guilt due to failure to protect others social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:017 this process depended on shared social assumptions Community HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:019 fixed fine amount implies later change LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:024 her crime was for not TRYING to resist. Even if the act was completed, had she cried out for non-existent help, she was COMPLETELY INNOCENT. women HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:025 rape was a capital crime in this case judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:027 allowance for woman's weaker strength made in the law grace HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:027 allowance for woman's weaker strength made in the law women HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:022:029 like the slanderer's case in 22.19 ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:022:029 another fixed fine LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:002 born of illegitimate birth: probably offspring of cultic or religious prostitution, and therefore a MAJOR VISIBLE disruptive 'symbol'. There should have been no other 'bastards', since rape cases required marriage and/or death.  HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:005 exclusion due to lack of hospitality to kin! Community HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:005 a direct action of hostility (hiring Balaam) HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:006 attacks actually accrue benefits for us (blessings) trials HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:006 love - God's heart internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:007 probably a political/international statement ("make no alliances with them for their good, and peace") HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:008 kinship importance; Israel enjoyed SOME benefits in Egypt (e.g. protection from raiders), so she is not supposed to hate them. gratitude HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:015 God will be in the midst of the war-camp, IN ADDITION TO in the ark/tabernacle (multiple presence). HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:016 no extradition of slaves who trusted in Israel! No treachery / betrayal allowed. freedom HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:017 do not oppress runaway, foreign slaves...! heart HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:019 different word for prostitute from vs. 18. This is a regular prostitute (but they were not killed in the culture...). Not all money is clean. HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:023:023 faithfulness to required (both to God and to man)! ethics ESV 03/02/03
deut:023:023 faithfulness and reliability is more important that ritual and/or action; action is NOT required, but good IS. internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:005 focus on wife's happiness (not on the man's) women HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:005 focus on wife's happiness (not on the man's) heart HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:007 talion did not extend to this case--kidnapping for slavery was a capital offense judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:008 refers to Leviticus OTNOT ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:024:013 kindness legislated in this case social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:015 legislation based on economic realities of the poor social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:015 outcry goes to YHWH as judge, and guilt is assessed judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:016 adult sons, not little in-household children ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:024:016 capital crimes ONLY? ('executed'?) CJB 03/02/03
deut:024:017 a foreigner and justice => foreigners with 'rights' Community CJB 03/02/03
deut:024:017 legal thing/ social justice/ consideration of poor (cloak) social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:018 kindness based on empathy (similar experiences of 'judges') INTERNAL HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:024:018 empathy-based argument again internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:019 blessings from God, for blessing the small ones... Community HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:024:022 alien/fatherless/widow had similar economic challenges to slaves/servants (and empathy again) HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:025:002 flogging as a non-degrading criminal punishment judgment ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:025:002 this lie-down-and-be-beaten punishment--was it the plan for it to be olam?  LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:025:003 punishing versus status/value (judicial tradeoffs, in those who submit to law generally) judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:025:006 community has responsibility to preserve ALL its members' rights, contribution, and blessings? Community HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:025:007 this rite required very specific historical settings: gates, elders sitting there, sandals, etc. This would likely have to change over the following 10,000 years LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:025:015 two standards--bad social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:025:015 inequity as grounds for expulsion from the Land! social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:025:016 treachery is detestable HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:026:003 declaration of your faithfulness! (and competency) HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:026:011 another command to rejoice! internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:026:014 the tithe belonged to God--not to be used for family/pagan rituals; it was Gods--NOT a 'reserve for emergencies' HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:026:015 God's transcendence; dwells in heaven--NOT in the ark/tabernacle. They knew this BEFORE Solomon, obviously! HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:026:017 no torah word here... torah HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:026:018 Treasure word again--God's heart toward us. heart HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:026:019 their distinction, because of God's actions HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:027:006 no iron tool on altar-stones; but Solomon used plenty LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:027:018 why is this blind-thing here?! Did they DO this enough to make this list?! Malice or exploitation? disadvantaged HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:027:018 legal system justice social ethics HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:027:026 torah word here torah HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:001 loyalty brings promotion (everywhere, btw) HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:004 they were supposed to ASK God for 'hearts to understand'--like the Psalmist did... INTERNAL CJB 03/02/03
deut:028:007 they will still attack--sometimes--, even when you are blessed of God trials CJB 03/02/03
deut:028:007 a close walk with God STILL included war and attacks! God promised victory, not just peace. There will be enemies attacking, on occasion. trials HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:010 a loyal-life would result in a testimony to the nations, as being 'close to God'. HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:012 will debt/loans always be around in the future? (until when?) HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:013 this code is so full of "Ifs"--major conditional covenant conditional HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:020 disloyalty HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:025 instead of "Praise", they will be a "Horror" HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:029 exploitation as judgment/ 'withhold-protection' model HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:030 reversal of military exemptions! (e.g., enjoy wife, enjoy fruit) reversal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:031 conquest/oppression images HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:032 helplessness HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:034 psychological damage/states HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:036 king: probably not an 'olam' condition--not sure kingship was intended as part of eternal torah? (Provision was, sorta, but no restriction of govt form to monarchy) LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:036 same time issue--gods of stone/wood (not metal, plastic, and pop culture?) LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:041 no protection extended, if covenant disregarded by those in contract covenant HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:043 reversal of internal socio-economic status!; social status will drop WITHIN the nation. Community HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:046 the curses were to be a SIGN--they were to call Israel back to YHWH. They were not just punishment, but correction and constructive in intent. (But natural consequences of treachery, of course) HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:046 curses as a sign 'olam' olam HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:047 blessing is supposed to be followed by non-duty RESPONSE! CJB 03/02/03
deut:028:048 you will serve SOMEONE, one way or another... HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:049 this LOOKS like a prophecy, but it might only be a 'class' description HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:053 cannibalism HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:068 reversal of God's statement LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:068 historical timing: selling as slaves? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:028:069 this is worded like this is an ADDITIONAL covenant, ON TOP OF the Sinai one. Since they different some in their details, does this mean that the old elements in the first covenant are annulled by those 'overlapping' ones in the second covenant? LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:001 this would have been addressed to 60-year olds, since they were under 20 at Sinai. HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:003 this is one of those 'challenge' statements ('You kids have never had the ability to learn what I have to teach you'). But it applies to even the significance of the miracles. This generation saw BOTH sets of miracles (2x the original gen)--and STILL failed like the first gen! HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:004 but they could ask! (Ps 119.18) INTERNAL ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:029:005 the Wilderness provision was given as evidence to this generation. evidence HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:006 the austere lifestyle during the Wanderings explains part of the enticement of the Moab seduction. ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:029:012 the Patriarchal oaths included adoption of Israel as God's people (implied in bless/curse you/them formulations) HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:013 mixed 1st/3rd person statements? trinity? HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:015 with future generations (cf. John 17) ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:029:017 heart internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:017 watch for bitterness, leading to division Community HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:018 OTNOT (Jere 9.15; 23.15; Hos 10.4; Am 6.12) OTNOT HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:029:018 duplicity (and stupidity!); idiot theology, too... internal HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:020 specific intra-group punishment--able to single a strand out. judgment HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:020 torah word here torah HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:027 Israel expulsion HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:029:028 God revealed things forever(olam); torah is to be followed. torah, olam HebIntr 03/04/03
deut:030:001 conditional, prophetic, sure-to-happen(!) HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:001 call to reflection internal HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:002 recovery possible with God! ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:030:005 a reference to Joshua's generation; they knew this stuff INFOFLOW HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:006 "if you return, God will circumcise your heart..."--the responsibility was on them to return, but GOD would fix the heart problem (considered a future reference to the New Covenant) New Covenant HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:006 obviously, they could RETURN WITHOUT having a new heart--no 'regeneration before faith' in THIS case ordo HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:006 but the new heart WAS required before they could obey the Shema--to love the Lord with all their heart (I.e., faith could be honesty in the face of distress, but love could not come from 'rescue only') New Covenant HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:007 active oppressors again--not an 'Israelite expansion program'... HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:009 God's delight (INTERNAL) INTERNAL HCSB (NRSV) 03/02/03
deut:030:009 DELIGHT - God's heart heart HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:010 more heart words internal HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:011 the law was clear, up-close, and not too 'difficult' HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:013 ethical availability--there were no unknown rules, they were clear and accessible for Israel ethics CJB 03/02/03
deut:030:014 cultural saturation--the requirements were very, very clear and 'present' to them.  ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:030:014 the law was in their mouth and heart at that point of Deut--it just didn't stay there! HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:015 destruction seems to be the opposite of prosperity (in this passage). Destruction could simply be the inversion of prosperity? hell HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:016 more heart words; law to be the means of blessing in the Land internal HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:017 conditional, again conditional HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:030:020 love, listen, loyalty internal HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:003 God would crossover with them, but NOT in the CLOUD manifestation anymore evidence HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:004 audit trail again (recent evidence)--don't always rely on evidence from 40 years ago--keep the relationship/experience of God fresh and operative evidence HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:004 God used their experience to guide them in positive ways; not just "I learned not to do THIS" type of lessons. pedagogy HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:009 torah (written) torah HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:011 this law looks like it is given for FUTURE-only operation. It requires a central sanctuary, and might NOT be intended for the first seventh year during the conquest (when they are still struggling with the locals in warfare--probably no Sabbath year then?) HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:015 God commissioned from the Cloud HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:016 foreknowledge of God, yet He remained faithful and finished making the covenant with them...He stayed there, in spite of His knowledge of future treachery and betrayal (sorta like Jesus and Judas, eh?) foreknowledge HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:016 they will forsake, and so will GOD (conditional covenant) conditional HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:016 (I have often wondered if these expressions of mutual forsaking were the official language of covenant annulment? I have seen scraps of data to this effect, but will have to dig it up later)  LAWCHANGE HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:019 song as witness: ritual designed to DETER disloyalty--not just castigation! God is trying to help them recover, someday, in this way. pedagogy HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:020 satiation is difficult to manage!! desire HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:021 God's prediction seems to be based on knowledge of the heart and of 'trendlines' (not of some decree) foreknowledge CJB 03/02/03
deut:031:021 the power of tradition/ritual! pedagogy HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:021 foreknowledge of dispositions of people (character) foreknowledge HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:031:026 both the song and the book of torah were witnesses pedagogy HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:005 warped and crooked generation: cf. matt 17.17! OTNNT HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:008 ALL nations had an inheritance from God! partiality HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:008 Paul appealed to this verse in Acts OTNNT HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:015 satiation is difficult to manage!! HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:016 in the desert--cf. Ezek 16! OTNOT ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:032:017 sacrifice to demons: Paul in 1 Corinthians OTNNT HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:018 God uses both parents as images of Himself: father AND mother women HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:021 jealous: cited by Paul in Romans 10.19--I, glenn gentile, am one of these foolish people...(smile) grace HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:022 fire and geo/astro- imagery to describe 'regular' events (reality is NOT 'worse than' the image, in these cases).  hell HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:027 like Assyria ZNSB (NAS) 03/02/03
deut:032:027 reveals 'constraints' on God's actions--governance issues involved. governance HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:028 God complains about their lack of critical thinking! evidence HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:030 An argument from 'probability' or 'reasonableness' evidence ZNSB (NIV) 03/03/03
deut:032:039 deliver from My hand: Jesus/God's hand--eternal life (John 10.28--'shall never perish'). Thank you, Lord...safe with You. safety HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:040 God takes an oath of governing vengeance judgment HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:043 God will actually do the atoning here (the cleansing of the innocent blood in the Land will be achieved by the judicial death of the enemies--who shed the blood. Simple capital crime/justice motif, actually.) judgment HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:051 the issue was one of PUBLIC break of faith=> had it been private (and less 'ripple through' in effects), perhaps it would not have been such a show-stopper. HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:032:051 the reference to 'not as holy' suggests to me that they used some kind of magic, Canaanite-type of ritual to try to get the water up. This would make YHWH into the same (not 'different'/holy) as the deities of the land, and would explain the seriousness of this crime. magic HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:033:002 myriads of holy ones: Israel, not angels HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:033:003 another reference to loving... heart HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:033:009 a reference to a pre-DEUT covenant and 'word' HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:033:010 torah is paralleled to 'precepts' (teaching, not law) torah HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:033:015 olam hills olam HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:033:016 words from Genesis 49.26 (prince)/exodus 2 (bush) OTNOT HebIntr 03/05/03
deut:034:001 closure for Moses HebIntr 03/05/03