Download the entire Thinktank as a ZIP file (for use when you are not on-line)...

At the time of this writing , the Tank (non-Audio) is approximately 74MB of files (without the audio). I have created a zipfile with these files, of just over 33.4MB.

It can be downloaded FOR FREE from :]

I don't have enough disk storage to store it in other formats for now...sorry... and I don't have hardcopy (it is well over 15,000 printed pages so far)

To download, just click on the above link, and tell your browser where to store the file (remember where you told it to put it, obviously!). Once the download is complete, navigate to the file, and run it (double-click on it, generally). It will ask you where to put the unzipped-files, and you can override the default of C:\Windows\TEMP by giving it a different directory. The download file is only 35MB, BUT will extract 75MB of files--so be sure you have that much space available in that directory.

Once it is finished 'unpacking everything', you can then launch the Tank front page screen by either double-clicking on the file named 'index.html' (in the directory you told it to put the unzipped files), or by navigating to that file with your browser.

I cannot give technical support for this stuff--I don't even have the time to write, currently. You're on your own...sorry...

The limitations of this zip-version include:

It currently only includes the files up through JULY 10/2017.

Hope it helps,
Glenn Miller

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