So, you've wanted to help the Tank out financially, but glenn hasn't been very cooperative, eh?

As most of you know, I don't solict or accept donations (I am NOT a non-profit), and I support this stuff out of my own pocket (relatively speaking, of course--I KNOW where it all comes

But I DO have a short-term opportunity in 2004 for those who want to help (without it being a tax-deductable contrib, though).

Here's the deal:

  1. I spend an exorbitant amount of discretionary money on research books for the Tank (and this year, more than most).
  2. In the past, in which this material was used in live lecture series (with honoraria), I could claim these book expenses as business expenses.
  3. (You basically need to show, in good faith, that some INCOME derives from the historical EXPENSE, in order to deduct these expenses.)
  4. In the present however, I have only had two live speaking opportunitites involving honoraria, so I need to show a bit more income derived from these expenses (to deduct these in good conscience this year (only)--I hope to be offering DVD study guides NEXT year, so this shouldnt be an issue).

So, I would like to SELL something Tank-related, to generate at least SOME income this tax year, to this end. It will make a HUGE difference, in the tax bracket I am in currently.

So, here's the Product for Sale:

My PBC audio lectures, in MP3 format, on a data-DVD. Its over a gigabyte of MP3's, organized in HTML browser pages (like on the Tank). The data DVD (NOT a TV-DVD! Please note!) requires a computer with (a) a DVD reader; (b) MP3 playing software; and (c) speakers. There are approximately 90 hours of me teaching. All of these lectures are ALREADY available for free on-line, of course, but this DVD is for those who want to be able to access these files (a) off-line; (b) at local-device speeds. Please note that these files are the SAME QUALITY as the on-line ones (i.e., if you cannot understand the online ones, then these wont be any a GIGO thing...). The syllabi (where available) are also included on the dataDVD.

Here's the Price/Terms/Procedure:
  1. Price is $40.00, plus $5 for S&H = $45 per dataDVD (I will TRY to ship Priority Mail, if the weight works out).
  2. I CANNOT sell to/ship to anyone in the state of Mississippi (I do not have a Sales Tax license here).
  3. I plan to only offer this for a few weeks, since I really don't have the time to spend duplicating, making labels, packing, and shipping, etc.
  4. You don't have to listen to the lectures to help me--you just have to buy them (smile). But I hope they help, obviously...
  5. 90 hours, at $45 total, equals 50 cents an hour (minimum wage is around five bucks, so do I have self-esteem issues, or what? ... smile).
  6. I cannot sell them outside of the continential United States (i.e., extra shipping, customs, forms, insurance, etc). [Unless you want a TON of copies--but you need to email me about that ANYWAY).
  7. You need to use this FORM to fill out, send in with a CHECK OR Money Order made out TO "Glenn Miller" , and FOR "Thinktank Audio DVD" [I am not set up for Credit Cards, etc]. It's probably a good idea to EMAIL me (, to let me know that you have MAILED an order in.
  8. Please allow several weeks for your dataDVD to arrive--I am in heavy travel season with my job.
  9. Be SURE to send your email to me--I will confirm receipt of your order!
  10. This offer will disappear QUICKLY (hopefully)--if you want one of these (or just want to help), you need to act quickly...if the offer goes away quickly,  then you know enough orders came in to do the job.

Okay, that's it--let's try this and see if it works for us...

Glenn Miller
Oct 11/2004