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Item H.Seq Title Mt Mr Lk TOT   Eschat/Future? KoH, KoG Present/Inaug?   Eschat/Future? KoH, KoG Present/Inaug?   Eschat/Future? KoH, KoG Present/Inaug?    
1 86,149 A house divided Y Y Y 3   not forgiven in this age, or age to come; on day of judgment you will account for idle words KoG has come; versus KoSatan KoG has come   Uses 'eternal sin' instead of 2Ages   (only KoSatan)!     enemy kingdoms KoG has come   MT has 2agesand future judgment; KoG has come (no KOG in MR)
2 129 Dispute about greatness Y Y Y 3   never enter the K? greatest in Koh; never enter KoH whoever becomes humble is the greatest in the KoH                   Humble IS greatest in K; never even ENTER (both tenses)
3 196 Entry into Jerusalem (donkey) Y Y Y 3       your king comes   blessed is the coming K of David KoDavid     king who comes in the name of the Lord   blessed is the king who comes   Only Mark has Davidic nuance
4 106,51 Gadarene/Gerasene demoniac(s) Y Y Y 3   to torment us before the time                       Only MT has "Torment before Time"
5 188 Jesus blesses the little children Y Y Y 3     KoH belongs to them     must receive before enter KoG belongs to them     must receive before enter KoG belongs to them     LK, MR have 'must X before Entering'; ALL3 have "K belongs to them"
6 204 Parable of the wicked tenants Y Y Y 3     KoG taken from you KoG taken from you and given to another people                   KoG taken from Israel and given to (Gentiles?)
7 241 Peter's Denial and Jesus before the Council Y Y Y 3   from now on you will see the Son of Man seated, and coming on clouds of heaven       you will see the SoM seated, and coming       from now on the SoM will be seated at rhotF       (equivalents; covered elsewhere)
8 213 Prediction of the destruction of the Temple Y Y Y 3   not one stone left       not one stone left       not one stone left       ALL3 = "no stone left"
9 207 Question about the Resurrection Y Y Y 3   in the resurrection       when they rise from the dead       worthy of a place in that age and in the resurrection; no more death       resurrection future; no mention of K; only LK has 'in that age and in the Resurrection'
10 112 Return of 12 / Feeding of 5K Y Y Y 3                     spoke to them about KoG      
11 93 The interpretation of the parable of the sower Y Y Y 3     hears the word of the kingdom (seed image) word of kingdom takes root and bears fruit in individual lives               hold fast to word/bear fruit   MR has no K-ref; MT adds it, and makes it present
12 91 The reason for spaking in parables Y Y Y 3     to know the secrets of the KoH       to know the secrets of the KoG       to know the secrets of the KoG      
13 235,237A The Traitor Y Y Y 3   SoM goes as is written       SoM goes as is written       SoM goes as is determined        
14 97,164 Parable of the Mustard seed Y Y Y 3     KoH like seed (organic model)     KoG like seed (organic model)     KoG organic models     ALL3 have organic model (seed)
15 19,73 Beatitudes: SOTM/SOTP Y   Y 2   will inherit the earth; will see God   theirs is the KoH (2x)           you will laugh yours in the KoG ?yours IS KoH   Both have "WILL" and "IS"
16 60, 155 Exhortation to fearless confession Y   Y 2   can destroy body and soul in hell; I will acknowledge/deny before Father in heaven               authority to cast into hell; ack/deny SoM before angels of God; when they bring you before the authorities       LK has 'before angels'; MT has 'before Father'
17 192 Greatness in the KoG: Jesus and the sons of Zebedee Y Y   2   sit at right/left hand in Kingdom       sit at right/left hand in your glory               MT has K; MR has YOUR GLORY
18 15 Jesus departs from Capernaum   Y Y 2                     must proclaim good news of KoG to the other cities     Jesus had to preach to the other other cities; paradigm for disciples in Eschat?
19 141,67 Jesus' gratitude to the Father Y   Y 2       all things handed over to me               all things have been handed over to me   Jesus already given all authority
20 61,160 Jesus the cause of division Y   Y 2                   came to bring fire/baptism       LK like JtB's 'bapt in fire'?
21 82, 65 Jesus' words about John Y   Y 2   messenger to prepare the way least in KoH; KoH suffered violence from JB on KoH suffered violence; Conditional Elijah?           messenger to prepare the way least in KoG; KoG proclaimed;     Both have "he who IS least"; MT has KoH suffering violence since JB (parallel ages?); Conditional Elijah
22 81,64 John's question to Jesus Y   Y 2   (Jesus as Coming one)   (Jesus as Coming one)           (Jesus as Coming one)   (Jesus as Coming one)    
23 27,75 Love of one's enemies: SOTM/SOTP Y   Y 2   ?your reward will be great                       MT has future rewards
24 32,35,157 On anxiety Y   Y 2     strive for KoG               strive for His K, and needs will be met; the Father's pleasure to give you the K; sell possession-give alms; treasures in heaven motive     LK adds that Father gives the K; treasures in heaven motive
25 36,76 On Judging: SOTM/SOTP Y   Y 2                   ?give/reward        
26 131 On temptations Y Y   2   be thrown into hell? (enter life?)     thrown into hell enter KoG/life!             MR equates KOG with LIFE; MT omits KOG; both have HELL
27 98,164 Parable of the yeast Y   Y 2     KoH like yeast (organic model)             KoG organic models (organic model)   MT/LK have organic model (yeast)
28 92,142 The blessedness of the disciples Y   Y 2                   many prophets wanted to see what you see       LK identifies the times with OT prophecies (or at least, desire for God's coming)
29 125 the Coming of Elijah Y Y   2   Elijah future   Elijah past   Elijah coming   Elijah past           Elijah both already come, and still coming
30 208 The Great Commandment Y Y   2             not far from the KoG not far from KoG           Only MR has the teacher's response and "Are not far from KoG" (present)
31 224,184 Suddenness of the coming of the Son of Man Y   Y 2   unexpected Flood image; separation               unexpected Flood image; separation       MT+LK: unexpectedness of 2nd coming; like the flood of Noah (huge lead time though--like Peter's reference in the 2nd Epistle)
32 30, 146 The Lord's Prayer Y   Y 2     your K come               Your K come     MT+LK: pray for Father's K to come
33 49,138 Would-be followers of Jesus Y   Y 2                     proclaim KoG; not fit for KoG     Lk adds PLOW image (Elisha); asserts His priority
34 176 About divorce and the Law     Y 1                   OT prophets finished at John after John, the KoG tries to enter KoG by force   JB watershed; K present (like suffers violence)
35 237B Greatness in the KoG     Y 1                   I give you a kingdom; sit on thrones judging; eat and drink with Jesus in His kingdom       LK: Jesus gives K, thrones, banquet (like Rich Young Ruler passage--12 thrones)
36 100 interpretation of the parable of the weeds Y     1   two enemy kingdoms; simultaneous; harvest at end of age; reapers are angels Son of Man's kingdom (has evil in it); and kingdom of their Father!                     MT: 2 kingdoms side-by-side (APOK) but both present; HARVEST image; organic model
37 223 Luke's ending to the discourse     Y 1                   that will will come upon all who live on the whole earth       LK: Universal distress (not just Jews); watchfulness; stand before SoM
38 23 On Adultery Y     1   ?whole body be thrown into hell                       (standard Rewards/Punishment theme)
39 28 On almsgiving Y     1   ?Father will reward you                       (standard Rewards/Punishment theme); but "Whenever you give alms" (i.e. you didnít give them all away when you first became a disciple)
40 22 On anger Y     1   ?liable to hell of fire                       (standard Rewards/Punishment theme); but you still have possessions for 'gifts at the altar'
41 31 On fasting Y     1   ?Father will reward you                       Father will reward you? (MT)
42 29 On prayer Y     1   ?Father will reward you                       Father will reward you? (MT); but you still have a room to go into?
43 134 On reproving another believer Y     1   (invisible presence)   (where 2 or 3 are gathered?)                   MT: church discipline; invisible presence of Christ (like the Great Commission); Lk's version omits church order
44 190 Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard Y     1     KoH like hiring over time (last will be first?)                     MT: KoH like hiring over time (period model)
45 102 Parable of the net Y     1   angels at end of age; separate evil from good; furnace of fire KoH like a net                     MT: angels separate, like other passages
46 95 Parable of the seed growing secretly   Y   1           ?harvest image grows like a crop (organic model)           MR: K grows like a crop (organic model)
47 203 Parable of the two sons Y     1   tax/pros going into KoG ahead of you going into KoG present going into?                    
48 136 Parable of the unmerciful servant Y     1   torture until debt paid? KoH= king settling accounts with servants                      
49 96 Parable of the weeds Y     1   2 enemy growths simulatenously; separated only at harvest KoH like seed grows alongside weeds                   MT: 2 kingdoms side-by-side (APOK) but both present; HARVEST image; organic model
50 101 Parables of the hidden treasure and pearl Y     1     KoH hidden                     ambiguous
51 162 Repentance or destruction     Y 1                   judgment on fruitless fig tree       LK: judgment on Israel based on lack of fruitfulness
52 139 Sending of the 70     Y 1                   harvest is plenty; on that day more tolerable for Sodom; at the judgment Kog has come near to you (2x)     LK:Same 'more tolerable at Judgment' theme as elsewhere
53 169 Teaching on humility     Y 1                   repaid at the resurrection of the rigtheous       Rewards at the resurrection
54 229 The Last Judgment Y     1   SoM comes with angels and sits on his throne inherit the K                     MT: angels, thrones, judgment (common theme)
55 143 The lawyer's question     Y 1                   inherit eternal life       LK: inherit Eternal Life (parallels omit life/EL)
56 84 The ministering women     Y 1                     bringing good news of the KoG      
57 140 The return of the 70     Y 1                       I watched Satan fall from heaven like a flash of lightning   LK: "I saw Satan fall like lightning"
58 103 Treasures new and old Y     1     scribe trained for KoH                     Mt: scribe trained (like steward) for K--teaching ministry
59 66 Woes to unrepentent cities Y     1   less tolerable on day of Judgment                        
60 74 Woes: SOTP     Y 1                   you will weep        
61 194 Zacchaeus     Y 1                       salvation has come 'today'   LK: taxguy kept job; only gave half his possessions (salvation came today)
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