Major OT Citations/Allusions in I Clement

Seq Chapter OT ref RefType IntroType Intro Text NT q/a? NT loc Depend?
1 2 prov 7.3 Wisdom none none The commandments and ordinances of the Lord were written upon the tablets of your hearts. Y 2 Cor 3.3  
2 3 Dt 32.15 Law write then was fulfilled that which is written, My beloved did eat and drink, and was enlarged and became fat, and kicked.      
3 3 Is 3.5 Prophets none none So the worthless rose up against the honoured, those of no reputation against such as were renowned..the young against those advanced in years      
4 3 Is 59.14 Prophets none none For this reason righteousness and peace are now far departed from you      
5 4 Gen. 4. 3–8.  History write For thus it is written:  And it came to pass after certain days, that Cain brought of the fruits y (4x)  
6 4 Gen 27.41 History none none Through envy, also, our father Jacob fled from the face of Esau his brother.      
7 4.10 Ex 2.14 History none none Envy compelled Moses to flee from the face of Pharaoh king of Egypt, when he heard these words from his fellow-countryman, “Who made thee a judge or a ruler over us? wilt thou kill me, as thou didst kill the Egyptian yesterday? ” Y Acts 7.27; Luke 12.14 Y
8 4 various History none none (examples given of OT envy)      
9 6 Gen 2.23 History say "Saying" Envy has alienated wives from their husbands, and changed that saying of our father Adam, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.” Y (4x)  
10 7 various History summary none (summary) Noah preached repentance, and as many as listened to him were saved. Jonah proclaimed destruction to the Ninevites; but they, repenting of their sins, propitiated God by prayer, and obtained salvation, although they were aliens [to the covenant] of God. Y various  
11 8 Ezek 33.11 Prophets say Lord of all things has himself declared with an oath regarding it, “As I live, saith the Lord, I desire not the death of the sinner, but rather his repentance ; Y? 2 Pet 3.9  
12 8 Ezek & Is Prophets say adding, moreover, this gracious declaration Repent O house of Israel, of your iniquity. Say to the children of My people, Though your sins reach from earth to heaven, I and though they be redder than scarlet, and blacker than sackcloth      
13 8 Is 1.16-20 Prophets mixed And in another place He speaks thus: Wash you, and become clean; put away the wickedness of your souls from before mine eyes; cease from your evil ways, and learn to do well; seek out judgment, deliver the oppressed, judge the fatherless, and see that justice is done to the widow; and come, and let us reason together. Y Jas 4.8  
14 9 Gen History summary none (summary) (Enoch and Noah traditions, as examples, with detail) Y Heb 11  
15 10 Is 41.8 Prophets none none Abraham, styled “the friend,” Y Heb 2.16; Jas 2  
16 10 Gen 12 History none none For God said to him, “Get thee out from thy country, Y Acts 7.3  
17 10 Gen 13.14ff History none none And again, on his departing from Lot, God said to him. “Lift up thine eyes,      
18 10 Gen 15.5 History say And again He says “God brought forth Abram, and spake unto him, Look up now to heaven, Y Rom 4.18  
19 11 Gen 19 History summary none (summary) (the account of Lot and wife) Y Lk 17.32  
20 12 Joshua History none none (gives the story of Rahab, with verbals) Y Jas 2; Heb 11  
21 13 Jer 9.23-24 Prophets mixed Let us act as Scripture bids us, for the Holy Spirit Says… “Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, neither let the rich man Story in his riches; but let him that glorieth glory [in the Lord], in diligently seeking Him, and doing judgment and righteousness” Y 1 Cor 1.31 Y
22 13.4 Is 66.2 Prophets mixed For the holy word saith, On whom shall I look, but on him that is meek and peaceable, and that trembleth at My words? Y Mt 11.29; 21.5 Y
23 14 Prov 2.21f Wisdom write For it is written The kind-hearted shall inhabit the land, and the guiltless shall be left upon it, but transgressors shall be destroyed from off the face of it.” Y? Sermon on Mount  
24 14 Ps 37.35ff Psalms say And again He says I saw the ungodly highly exalted, and lifted up like the cedars of Lebanon: I passed by, and, behold, he was not; and I diligently sought his place, and could not find it. Preserve innocence, and look on equity: for there shall be a remnant to the peaceful man.      
25 15.2 Is 29.13 Prophets mixed For He saith in a certain place, This people honoureth Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.” Y Mr 7.6-7 (+) Y
26 15 Ps 62.4 Psalms join And again  They bless with their mouth, but curse with their heart.”      
27 15 Ps 78.36 Psalms say And again it saith They loved Him with their mouth, and lied to Him with their tongue; but their heart was not right with Him, neither were they faithful in His covenant      
28 15 Ps 31.18 Psalms join none(attached to above?) Let the deceitful lips become silent,      
29 15 Ps 12.3-5 Psalms join none (attached to above) the boastful tongue of those who have said, Let us magnify our tongue; our lips are our own; who is lord over us? For the oppression of the poor, and for the sighing of the needy, will I now arise, saith the Lord: I will place him in safety; I will deal confidently with him. Y Jas 3.5  
30 16 Is 53 Prophets say as the Holy Spirit had declared regarding Him. For He says Lord, who hath believed our report...He bare the sins of many, and for their sins was He delivered.” Y (33x)  
31 16 Ps 22.6-8 Psalms say And again He saith I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men… Y (20x)  
32 17 Is 41.8 Prophets none none Abraham was specially honoured, and was called the friend of God Y Heb 2.16; Jas 2  
33 17 Gen 28.27 History none none yet he, earnestly regarding the glory of God, humbly declared, “I am but dust and ashes.”      
34 17 Job 1.1 Wisdom mixed Moreover, it is thus written of Job “Job was a righteous man, and blameless, truthful, God-fearing, and one that kept himself from all evil.” Y 1 Thess 5.22  
35 17 Job 14.4-5 Wisdom none none But bringing an accusation against himself, he said, “No man is free from defilement, even if his life be but of one day.” Y? Rom 3  
36 17 Num 12.7 Law none none Moses was called faithful in all God’s house; Y Heb 3.5 Y
37 17 Ex 3.11 w/4.10 History say but said, when the divine oracle came to him out of the bush, Who am I, that Thou sendest me?      
38 18 Ps 89.20-21 Psalms say and of whom God said, I have found a man after Mine own heart, David the son of Jesse; and in everlasting mercy have I anointed him?  Y Acts 13.22 Y
39 18 Ps 51.1-17 Psalms say Yet this very man saith to God, Have mercy on me...a broken and a contrite heart God will not despise. Y (4x)  
40 19 ? Psalms none none how free from wrath He is towards all His creation.      
41 20 Jer 31.35 Prophets none none The sun and moon, with the companies of the stars, roll on in harmony according to His command, within their prescribed limits, and without any deviation      
42 20 Ps 147.7 Psalms none none The fruitful earth, according to His will, brings forth food in abundance, at the proper seasons, for man and beast and all the living beings upon it, never hesitating, nor changing any of the ordinances which He has fixed Y Acts 14.17  
43 20 Ps 33.7 Psalms none none The vast unmeasurable sea, gathered together by His working into various basins, never passes beyond the bounds placed around it,       
44 20 Job 38.10 Wisdom say For He said, “Thus far shalt thou come, and thy waves shall be broken within thee.”      
45 20 various Psalms none none while He does good to all Y? Luke 6.35?  
46 20 Ps 148.8/104.4 Psalms none none The winds in their several quarters fulfil, at the proper time, their service without hindrance Y? Mr 4.41  
47 21 Pr 20.27 Wisdom mixed For He saith in a certain place The Spirit of the Lord is a candle searching the secret parts of the belly Y 1 Cor 2.11  
48 21 Ps 139? Psalms none none none of the thoughts or reasonings in which we engage are hid from Him Y Heb 4.12-13  
49 21 Ps 139.23/Ps 26.2 Psalms none none He is a Searcher of the thoughts and desires [of the heart] Y Heb 4.12  
50 21 Gen 1 History none none His breath is in us Y Acts 17.25  
51 21 Job 34.14-15 Wisdom none none and when He pleases, He will take it away Y (2x: Heb, Jn)  
52 22 Psalm 34:11-17 Psalms mixed For He Himself (Christ) by the Holy Ghost thus addresses us Come, ye children, hearken unto Me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord. ...The righteous cried, and the Lord heard him, and delivered him out of all his troubles. Y (3x: Jas, Heb, Jn)  
53 22 Psalm 32:10 Psalms join none (with the above) Many are the stripes [appointed for] the wicked; but mercy shall compass those about who hope in the Lord      
54 23.5 hab 2.3 Prophets mixed as the Scripture also bears witness, saying, Speedily will He come, and will not tarry; ” Y Heb 10.37 (Rev 22.12) Y
55 23 Mal 3.1 Prophets join "and" (joined with above) The Lord shall suddenly come to His temple, even the Holy One, for whom ye look. ? (messianic)  
56 26 ? (Ps 28.7) Psalms mixed For He saith in a certain place Thou shalt raise me up, and I shall confess unto Thee;      
57 26 Ps 3.5 Psalms join and again “I laid me down, and slept; I awaked, because Thou art with me;      
58 26 Job 19.25-26 Wisdom s and again, Job says, Thou shalt raise up this flesh of mine, which has suffered all these things.      
59 27 Gen 1 History none none By the word of His might He established all things Y Jn 1.1-3  
60 27 Ps 19 Psalms none none The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handy-work. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge. And there are no words or speeches of which the voices are not heard.” Y (3x: Rom, Rev)  
61 28 Ps 139.7,8 Psalms mixed For the Scripture saith in a certain place, Whither shall I go, and where shall I be hid from Thy presence? If I ascend into heaven, Thou art there; if I go away even to the uttermost parts of the earth, there is Thy right hand; if I make my bed in the abyss, there is Thy Spirit.      
62 29 Deut 32:8-9 Law write For thus it is written, When the Most High divided the nations, when He scattered the sons of Adam, He fixed the bounds of the nations according to the number of the angels of God. His people Jacob became the portion of the Lord, and Israel the lot of His inheritance Y Acts 17.26  
63 29 Conflation: Dt 4.34; 14.2; Num 18.27; 2 Chr 31.14; Ezek 48.12 History mixed and in another place He saith Behold, the Lord taketh unto Himself a nation out of the midst of the nations, as a man takes the first-fruits of his threshing-floor; and from that nation shall come forth the Most Holy Y Titus 2.14; 1 Pet 2.9  
64 30 Prv 3.34 Wisdom mixed saith the Scripture For God...resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.” Y 1 Pet 5.1; Jas 4.6  
65 30 Job 11.2,3 Wisdom say For it/Hesaith, He that speaketh much, shall also hear much in answer. And does he that is ready in speech deem himself righteous? Blessed is he that is born of woman, who liveth but a short time: be not given to much speaking. Y Jas 1.19  
66 32.2 Gen 22.17 History none none as God had promised, “Thy seed shall be as the stars of heaven Y Heb 11.12
67 33 Ps 104.31 Psalms none none For the Creator and Lord of all Himself rejoices in His works      
68 33 Gen 1.26-27 History say For thus says God: Let us make man in Our image, and after Our likeness. So God made man; male and female He created them Y Jas 3.9  
69 33 Gen 1 History say aving thus finished all these things, He approved them, and blessed them, and said “Increase and multiply.      
70 34 Is 40.10; Is 62.11; (Rev 22.12) Prophets say And thus He forewarns us: Behold, the Lord [cometh], and His reward is before His face, to render to every man according to his work. Y Rev 22.12  
71 34 Dan 7.10 Prophets mixed For the Scripture saith Ten thousand times ten thousand stood around Him, and thousands of thousands ministered unto Him Y Rev 5.11 Y
72 34 Is 6.3 Prophets join none (included as part of the above--a conflation) and cried, Holy, holy, holy, [is] the Lord of Sabaoth; the whole creation is full of His glory.” Y Rev 4.8  
73 34.8 Is 64.4 (via 1 Cor 2.9) Prophets say For He saith Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which He hath prepared for them that wait for Him Y 1 Cor 2.9 Y
74 35 Ps 50. 16–23.  Psalms mixed For the Scripture saith But to the sinner God said, Wherefore dost thou declare my statutes... I will show him the salvation of God. Y Rom 2.21; Heb 12.15  
75 36 Ps 104.4 Psalms write For it is thus written Who maketh His angels spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire. Y Heb 1  
76 38 Prov 27:2 Wisdom none none Let the humble not bear testimony to himself, but leave witness to be borne to him by another      
77 38 Ps 139:15 Psalms none none we came into the world, as it were out of a sepulchre, and from utter darkness.      
78 39 Job 4, 15, 4, 5 Wisdom write For it is written, There was no shape before mine eyes... and they shall not be delivered from evil.”      
79 42 Is 60:17 Prophets mixed For thus saith the Scripture in a certain place I will appoint their bishops in righteousness, and their deacons in faith.”      
80 43 Num 12.7 Law none none a faithful servant in all his house, Y Heb 3.5  
81 45 Dan  Prophets none none Was Daniel cast into the den of lions by such as feared God? Were Ananias, and Azarias, and Mishael shut up in a furnace of fire Y Heb 11  
82 46 Ps 18:24-5 Psalms mixed And again, in another place, He saith With a harmless man thou shalt prove thyself harmless, and with an elect man thou shalt be elect, and with a perverse man thou shalt show thyself perverse.      
83 48 Ps 118:19 Psalms write as it is written, Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go in by them, and will praise the Lord: this is the gate of the Lord: the righteous shall enter in by it      
84 50 Is 26:20; Ezek 37.12 Prophets write For it is written Enter into thy secret chambers for a little time, until my wrath and fury pass away; and I will remember a propitious day, and will raise you up out of your graves Y Mt 6.6
85 50 Ps 32.1 Psalms write For it is written Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will not impute to him, and in whose mouth there is no guile Y Rom 4   
86 51 Num 16.33 Law none none they went down alive into Hades      
87 51 Ps 49.14 Psalms none none death will be their shepherd      
88 51 Ex 14.23 History none none the chariots and their riders      
89 52 Ps 69.30-32 Psalms say For, says the elect David I will confess unto the Lord ; and that will please Him more than a young bullock that hath horns and hoofs. Let the poor see it, and be glad.”      
90 52 Ps 50.14 Psalms say And again he saith Offer unto God the sacrifice of praise, and pay thy vows unto the Most High. And call upon Me in the day of thy trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me. Y Heb 13.15  
91 52 Ps 51.17 Psalms none for “the sacrifice of God is a broken spirit.”      
92 53 Dt 9/Ex 32 Law say the Lord said unto him, (1st person disclosures of God to Moses)      
93 54 Ps 24.1 Psalms none For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof. Y 1 Cor 10.26  
94 56 Ps 118:18 Psalms mixed For thus saith the holy Word: The Lord hath severely chastened me, yet hath not given me over to death.” Y 2 Cor 6.9  
95 56.4 Prov 3.12 (via Heb12.6) Wisdom join none (concat with above) For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth Y Heb 12.6 (Rev 3.19)  
96 56 Ps 141:5 Psalms say saith it The righteous,” saith it, “shall chasten me in mercy, and reprove me; but let not the oil of sinners make fat my head      
97 56 Job 5.17-26 Wisdom say And again he saith Blessed is the man whom the Lord reproveth, and reject not thou the warning of the Almighty... the threshing-floor which is gathered together at the proper time. Y Heb 12  
98 57 Prov 1.23-31 Wisdom say For thus speaketh all-virtuous Wisdom: Behold, I will bring forth to you the words of My Spirit, and I will teach you My speech...Wherefore they shall eat the fruits of their own way, and they shall be filled with their own ungodliness.”      
99 59 Is 57.15 Prophets none so we realize you alone are… "highest among the highest, and ever remain holy among the holy"      
100 59 conflation of 8 passages Prophets none none You humble the pride of the arrogant, overrule the plans of the nations, raise up the humble and humble the haughty. You make rich and make poor; you slay and bring to life; you alone are the guardian of spirits and the God of all flesh. Y various  
101 59 1Kgs 8.60 History none none Let all the nations realize that you are the only God,    
102 59 Ps 79.13 Psalms none none that we are your people and the sheep of your pasture. Y Jesus as Shep.  
103 60 Ex 34.6; Joel 2.13 History none none merciful and compassionate  Y Jas 5.12  
104 60 Ps 67.1 Psalms none none turn your radiant face toward us Y 2 Cor 3  
105 60 Dt 4.34 Law none none by your powerful hand Y I Per 5.6; John 10.29  
106 60 Jer 32.21 Prophets none none by your uplifted arm.      
107 60 Ps 18.17/106.10 Psalms none none Deliver us, too, from all who hate us Y Lk 1.70  
108 60 Ps 35.9 Psalms none none who hate us without good reason      
109 60 Ps 145.18 Psalms none none "called upon you in faith and truth." Y Acts 17.27  
110 61 Dt 12.25 Law none none what is good and pleasing to you, Y Heb 13.21; Col 1.10  
111 64 Num 16.22 History none none who is the Ruler of all spirits and the Lord of all flesh      

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