Audio/Video Lectures Page

[These are not apologetics lectures, but were given in explicitly evangelical community contexts.]


Posted an audio file (MP3) of the little Christmas message I shared with my family on Christmas morning/2015, 31 minutes / 38MB.

(The last 3 years have been by far the roughest years of my life ("So far", Puddleglum reminds me from my psyche...), and it was/has been/still is a more-difficult-than-normal holiday/end-of-year season. I can hear the wear-n-tear ["Accumulated Depreciation" for you financial service types...or maybe more like 'Asset Impairment"... sigh] in my voice, as i listen to it now for the first time...heavy loads , dark roads, but the Light of the World walks with me, in His patience and goodness)

Audio recoding of a session (July 2015) I got to teach at the bible conference in Starkville MS, honoring Nap and Dixie Clark. My session was on The Unexpected God--Beyond our stereotypes of deity, syllabus is here sylly.pdf.


Posted an audio file (MP3) of the Christmas message I shared with my family on Christmas morning/2014, 48minutes / 47MB. (I have been doing these for decades, but only recorded this one)


15 minute video of a message I recorded for my kids on Resurrection Sunday 2014


Audio capture of my 2010+ commentary on the Book of Acts DVD (began posting Aug 31/2010 and finished posting Aug 7, 2011)


New: Audio capture of the 4-night Bible Conference at Pine Bluff Baptist Church (MS), Aug 8-Aug 11, 2010.


Audio capture of my 2009-2010 commentary on the Gospel of John DVD (began posting Apr 24/2010)


1. The Peninsula Bible Church Audio lectures (Three years worth of studies, pre-2002) .

2.  Bible studies given at home in Mississippi (2005-2006):

A. The Story behind the Christmas Story, a 4-session home Bible study (Fall2005) I did at my parents' home (nativity.html )
B. The Last Week of Jesus' Life home Bible study (Spring 2006) I did at my parents' home (holyweek.html )
C. The Listening to the Psalms home Bible study (begun Summer2005) I did at my parents' home (Listen2psalms.html )

3. A guest lecture given at PBC in Palo Alto in the spring of 2005:

"Lessons I am Learning..." [Handout in PDF, WinMedia (8M), MP3 (7.7M)]

4. Various audio/video
lectures given after moving back to Mississippi in 2002:

Messages at Emmanuel Baptist Church (Starkville, Jun 12/2005):
A. Sunday School (52mins, audio files 6MB): Getting to Know God : PDF [
getting2knowGod.pdf]; Windows media [Emmanuel_Jun12a_SS.wma]; MP3 [Emmanuel_Jun12a_SS.mp3]
B. Morning Message: Psalm 1 (ppt [
psalm1.ppt], 42 mins MP3 [7.5MB], WindowsMedia [5MB] )
C. Evening Message (78mins, audio files 9MB): The Problem of Emptiness : Powerpoint slides [
emptiness.ppt]; Windows media [ Emmanuel_Jun12c_Evening.wma]; MP3 [ Emmanuel_Jun12c_Evening.mp3]

Video clip of Easter morning message for my kids

Windows Video Media format only, 48 mins: 

A couple of sermons at Nap Clark's churches in Starkville (2004-present):
A. God the Rest-Giver
: (Audio) Windows Media (
grg.wma, 2.4MB), MP3 (grg.mp3, 6.8MB); Syllabus (PDF): God the Rest-Giver (177KB)
B. God the Peace-Maker
(Audio, first 35 minutes): Windows Media (
gpm.wma, 2.2MB), MP3 (gpm.mp3, 6.2MB);
Syllabus (PDF):  God the Peace-Maker (161KB).
C. Psalm 2. (Audio) Windows Media (sville2007Jul01.wma, 7.2MB), MP3 (sville2007Jul01.mp3, 11MB); Syllabus (PDF): sville2007Jul01.pdf (376KB).
D. Psalm 3: (Audio) Windows Media (starkville2007Aug19.wma, 14MB), MP3 (starkville2007Aug19.mp3, 23MB); Syllabus (PDF): starkville2007Aug19.pdf (25KB)
C. Psalm 4. (Audio) Windows Media (napnov11b.wma, 12MB), MP3 (napnov11b.mp3, 12MB); Syllabus (PDF): napnov11b.pdf (132KB).
C. Psalm 5 (1st service) . (Audio) Windows Media (2008Jan20a.wma, 10MB), MP3 (2008Jan20a.mp3, 10MB); Syllabus (PDF): Psalm5_plus.pdf (137KB).
C. Psalm 5 (2nd service, 50% different!!) . (Audio) Windows Media (2008Jan20b.wma, 14MB), MP3 (2008Jan20b.mp3, 14MB); Syllabus (PDF): Psalm5_plus.pdf (137KB).
C. Psalm 6. (Audio) Windows Media (2008JUN01.wma, 15MB), MP3 (2008JUN01.mp3, 14MB); Syllabus (PDF): Psalm6.pdf (137KB).