Audio/Video Lectures Page

This is a collection of links to audio/video lectures I have given.

Most recent: Sunday teaching service, July 1/2007, at one of Nap Clark's churches in Starkville, MS. (On Psalm 2)

1. The Listening to the Psalms home Bible study I am doing at my parents' home (

2. The Audio lectures given pre-2002 at PBC in Palo Alto (

3. Various audio/video
lectures given since moving back to MS in 2002:

Messages at Emmanuel Baptist Church (Starkville, Jun 12/2005):
Sunday School (52mins, files 6MB): Getting to Know God :

Morning Message: Psalm 1 (ppt [], others coming)

Evening Message (78mins, files 9MB): The Problem of Emptiness :

Video clip of Easter morning message I did this year for my kids (from our family tradition, 50MB!!!, Windows Video Media format only, 48 mins):

A couple of sermons at another church in Starkville (2004-2005):

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